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Arguably the most popular writing utensils in the world, ballpoint pens are long-lasting, smooth writing tools that rarely leak or smudge on paper. Since the average person uses a pen daily, ballpoint pens are an ideal way to get your company's name out there. Ballpoint pens are also a thoughtful and functional way to commemorate an important occasion.

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PENSRUS offers one of the industry's widest selections of quality ballpoint pens. By utilizing the user-friendly PENSRUS website, you can find ballpoint pens for promotional use in your business, party favors or personalized gifts in just a few clicks. PENSRUS allows users to search in a vast array of modes so that you can find what you need fast and effectively.

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You can even purchase a sample before you commit to placing a large order so you can test the product to ensure it meets your personal standards. When you're ready, you can submit your order through the company's secure online server, by phone (1-800-PENSRUS) or fax (1-866-PENSRUS). Since PENSRUS operates 24 hours, all orders are shipped the very next business day. You can count on getting your ballpoint pens in time for the implementation of your new marketing strategy or an important event.

Ranging from about 20 cents each for basic, reliable PENSRUS Duo LX ballpoint pens to $4.25 each for the sophisticated Empire-style, brass-lined, acrylic ballpoint pens, you can find the perfect pen for your budget. With a selection that ranges from simple to extravagant--think tortoise shell finish and gold-tone trim--PENSRUS has a pen to suit even the most distinct of tastes. Find your new favorite or email for more information today!


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