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When you're looking for a giveaway gift pen that stands out with a sleek look, try the Bic Pivo twist pen. The pen tip retracts with a sideways click, and the two-handed operation conveniently focuses attention on the pen's custom printing. PENSRUS will silk-screen your business name, event dates or anything at all on these stylish Bic Pivo pens, available in quantities of 300 or more.

Keep a good stash of Bic Pivo pens in your storeroom to use for any occasion. The medium point and black or blue ink cartridges are great for everyday note taking, ledger entry or signatures. The retractable ball keeps the ink flow smooth and consistent, and out of pockets or purses. You'll find employees and customers reaching for these Bic Pivo pens all the time.

Bic Pivo Means Practical Use in a Promotional Tool

Wow! Even with its modest profile, the Bic Pivo pen offers several ways to customize it by color. The decorative band around the pen lets you contrast or match among these shades: yellow, red, burgundy, purple, navy, light blue, teal, forest green, black and white. Custom colors outside this list cost just a few cents more. Show off your Bic Pivo pens!

Show off your company name and logo too. PENSRUS prints a logo and 5 lines of text for the base Bic Pivo price. Add a website address or phone number to the clip of the pen for more pizzazz at a small cost. Let PENSRUS show you how you can show off with Bic Pivo pens. Call or email 1.800.PENSRUS or info@pensrus.com today.


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