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While it is often useful to distribute personalized marketing pens, pencils, lanyards, calculators, magnets and other promotional items to existing or perspective customers, there may be times when business owners prefer to purchase promotional items without personalization. Blank advertising tools include highlighters, chocolate bars, tote bags, lapel pins and water bottles and are available in a variety of themes that help raise awareness for issues like patriotism, breast or prostate cancer and environmental causes. Businesses can pass out these free products at a philanthropic event or rally as a gesture of goodwill.

More expensive marketing products, without personalization, can be given as gifts to loyal customers, employees or raffle winners. Items like cameras, quality apparel, watches and luxury pens make elegant gifts, but the receiver may not want the company's name emblazoned on them. Instead, these blank promotional items can be presented with a company card or magnet attached with a ribbon, reminding the recipient of the company's name and contact information.

When inexpensive advertising products like pens and pencils are distributed, most business owners will want to include an imprint or engraving of the company's name, logo and message on the product to remind the recipients to contact them for repeat business.

PENSRUS Sells Marketing Pens and Blank Promotional Products

Churches, schools, businesses and individuals can order marketing items like pens, pencils and magnets from PENSRUS. Specializing in marketing pens of all types and prices, PENSRUS items can be ordered with or without personalization. Call 1-800-PENSRUS or email the company to ask product specialists about custom orders or to inquire about order status.