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Some “As” For Stylus Pen “Qs”

March 7th, 2016 | Comments Off | Posted in Small Business

The upsurge in the sale of Stylus Pens has been remarkable. We were asked to shed a little light on the technology and explain what products we have available.

The Silicon Connection :: Silicon can be used to imitate the finger touch of a human. It provides almost identical conductivity – the characteristic that makes a finger work on a touch screen. Silicon can be shaped into an infinite number of designs. One application has been creating hollow silicone “dome” shapes that can be affixed to a pen, so we get a stylus pen.

Common Designs :: Pens modified with the silicon dome will work one of two way – either the “stylus” will be attached to the top of the pen (end opposite the tip) or the silicon dome will be perforated and the pen tip will show through when the pen is to be written with. Which you choose is up to your personal preference.


Want to geek it out and build your own stylus? Try this great experiment: Make Conductive Rubber: Transparent stylus-iPod/iPhone


Other-Than-Pen Trends in Promotional Items

January 28th, 2016 | Comments Off | Posted in Promotional Products, Small Business

Beer Is Here To Stay: The nation’s love with craft beers continues. So, beyond the classic drinkware options we’re seeing the introduction of beer-centric products like this custom printed 64oz Stainless Growler from the folks at BIC - one of the country’s best promotional products designers/producers.

New Sticky Notes Designs: How to improve on the already best-selling BIC Sticky Note – make them spring cut. Get all the details here.

The Styluis Stays In Style: Pen/stylus combo sales almost tripled in 2015 and for 2016 manufacturers have responded with new offerings. We’ve added so many you’ll have to take a look at our iPen Collection and get caught up.

It’s 2016. Already.

January 18th, 2016 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing, Small Business

And It’s Cold Outside …

So it’s the perfect time to talk about visual cues — lets look at color. Lots of color. Thousands of color combinations. Of course we mean BIC® color !!! Colors brighten every day. Here’s how to add a splash to your next project:

Choose Color Combinations

Pens like the BIC® Clic Stic and the BIC® Round Stic offer thousands of combinations by allowing for choices of both body and trim colors. And you can make solid colors by choosing identical body/trim colors. Another great thing about these products is the ability to have the imprint color match the trim color. Both of these BIC® pens are the some of the most popular pens of their type and guarantee the recipient long usage and a quality writing experience — and your name in front of them.

Choose To Create The Mood

You can choose to create color combinations that stand out and give visual cues – like choosing colors that attract the eye – maybe an orange barrel with yellow trim, or even visa-sersa. That makes your item the customer’s “go to” anytime they need it. Or different shades of the same color !! Any way you can remind a customer of your relationship is a win.

Making A “Perpetual” Event Memory Inexpensively

December 2nd, 2015 | Comments Off | Posted in Personalized Party Favors

After all the planning (good job, by the way !!), fretting (jerk-of-a-guy should have called you back when he said he would), listing, mailing, contacting, and, of course, stellar execution (that music really WAS a nice touch – brilliant !!), there’s something quite satisfying about having made it all happen. There really is. Everyone leaves with memories they’ll cherish. It isn’t expensive to remind attendees of all that shared goodness, either.

And I want to focus on the inexpensive — not every event needs a big $$ takeaway. If you do need a certain item, or help finding it, you can talk to a Product Specialist at +1.800.736.7787 until 11:00PM ET on just about any week day. So, let’s think thru a few inexpensive options:

Everyone Needs A Pen – Every time it’s used (of course you’ve put just what you wanted on it) it reminds, and that’s the goal. Plus, it’s inexpensive. We see churches, schools, reunions and just about anything you can celebrate or attend memorialized on a pen.

Not Convinced? Then Put A Stylus On It – Yes, they figured out how to make a pen even better at enabling communications (got to use fancy words !!) by adding a touch stylus. Now your event is always at hand and helping everyone keep their screens clean. Bonus !!

Personal/Care Items Can Work – A personal touch can do the job. Think chap balms, bandage dispensers or even hand sanitizer. All are items any recipient will appreciate.

So you don’t have to break the bank to make sure fond memories can be triggered again and again and again. And that’s a marvelous thing.

The Ubiquitous Pen ??

December 1st, 2015 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing, Promotional Pens

It’s easy to discount the power of the pen as a promotional tool in these technology driven times. It’s done at your own peril, though. One of the hottest new categories of promotional products are stylus pens. Yes, a combination of a ballpoint pen and a capacitive (touch) stylus.

Why is it so cool ?? It’s the ultimate communications enabler. Think about it – jotting ideas on sticky notes (and doing your favorite crossword puzzles, like me) or using the stylus to keep fingerprints and smears off your touch screen so you don’t have to fret cleaning it. And there’s no reason to bust your marketing budget.

Every week new styles of stylus pens are being added with fresh colors and designs – at unbelievably low costs. Shop and find out how ubiquitous the pen remains.

Marketing In The Box

November 30th, 2015 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing

Don’t miss a major opportunity to grow your customer relationships. What’s in the box with your awesome product can go a long way towards bringing a customer back and can do double-duty by introducing them to other products, whether best sellers or products you want to inexpensively promote/introduce – hey, you’ve already paid the acquisition cost, and it’ll be the rare time when getting a reorder or new business from existing customers is less expensive and predictable. It’s pretty obvious that what you toss in can be anything, but like any business marketing decisions, they might have pluses and minuses.

Catalogs and Flyers: Well, I’m the kind of guy that reads everything in the box just because it may have deals and offers I wouldn’t otherwise receive. And my success rate is high enough I haven’t stopped. This is low hanging fruit, but be careful about adding appreciable weight to the shipments. You don’t want customers to think they are paying the freight for you to ship them a pound or two of catalogs. Otherwise, be creative and be sure you keep it fresh !!!

Samples: Always an opportunity to introduce a new product or category of products. Sure, not everyone has products they can do that with. So put together a special flyer with a link address to a video  that can do the sales job for you.
And don’t forget to take every opportunity to drive people back to your Web site (or whatever you are using for your business’ online presence). You can change/update information quicker electronically and at little cost. So, think about how YOU can do things in the box !!

Why Bic Promo Pens?

May 30th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing, Promotional Pens

Choose Bic Promo Pens and Stand Out From the Crowd


Bic Promo pens are the number one promotional gift for a reason. They are portable, useful and easy to imprint. They are the perfect advertising method for businesses and budgets of all sizes. The only question is how can you make your promotional pen stand out from the crowd and ensure that your message is noticed? Bic promotional pens are the perfect choice and will make sure that your pen is not only used but commented on.

Bic has spent years working on their brand to make sure that when people think of pens they think Bic. It is a brand with a big budget and an amazing reputation for quality when it comes to writing instruments.

To get the most value from your advertising and promotional budget you want to ensure that you are providing a useful, highly viewed and extremely high quality gift. A Bic pen will promote to the professional image of your company as you are providing a quality gift.

When choosing a promotional pen to provide to customers and clients, past, present or future, it is important to choose a brand name. A brand name that the recipient already knows and trusts ensures that you will have chosen a top class product. This is because the recipient will be able to immediately identify the Bic brand and the commitment of the Bic brand to manufacturing a quality writing instrument.

Bic have been manufacturing pens for over 50 years. Over time they have created a brand that is known and trusted throughout the world. Their brand speaks to users about quality and reliability. Bic is a brand that is trusted.

Promotional pens are the most commonly used gift. People accept them and use them frequently. Ensure that your business is branded as one that is professional and quality; choose Bic promotional pens.

They have spent thousands of dollars investing in the latest technology for their pen manufacturing. Bic ensures that not only does the ink flow smoothly but that the design of the pens is ergonomic ensuring a range of pens that are comfortable to hold and use.

Whether you have the budget to use a wide range of promotional items or the budget to choose just one, choose Bic promotional pens as part of your advertising strategy. Your gift will ensure that your brand is recognised as one of quality and professionalism. Add your business details and watch your Bic promotional pens effortlessly sell your brand.

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Promo Items Make Great Wedding Favors

May 30th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Personalized Gifts, Personalized Party Favors

Why Use a Promotional Item as Wedding Favors?


Promo items can make a terrific, budget friendly addition to your wedding reception. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You will want to enjoy the ceremony, the whole day and the memories that last the rest of your lives. Your families, friends and other guests will have memories of your day that they will want to treasure as well. To help you will want to provide favors for the guests to take home. Promotional items make the perfect gift .


Promotional items are available to suit all budgets, even the smallest. Weddings are not cheap, even those on a strict budget, so choosing a sensibly priced wedding favor is crucial. This is even more crucial when you consider that the gift will be given to each guest.


Once you have chosen the gift you wish to give to your guests it is important that you know that the item will be available in the quantities you require. Promotional gifts are available in a range of quantities and the company will ensure that you get the number you require as quickly as possible.


One of the main benefits of choosing a promotional item as a wedding favor is the fact that it is designed to be personalized. The imprinting will be done quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard.

Items suitable for wedding favors are generally available in a wide range of colors. The imprinting can be done in different colors, often with illustrations as well as words. Choose an image that is suitable for weddings and then decide on the wording that you want on the gift.

Suitable wording is the names of the bride and groom together with the wedding date. Many couples also had an inspirational message or a simple, ‘Thank you!’


If you are concerned about the environment then you will find that there are a wide range of items made from recycled materials. The recycled items are created to the same high standard as the other promotional items. Your guests will appreciate the gift as well as the fact that you are genuinely concerned about the environment.


You want to choose an item that will last. Not just because you want to feel that your money was well spent. It is important that your wedding favor is a gift that keeps on giving in terms of use. Each time the gift is used the memories of your happy day will flood back creating happiness in the user.

Choosing a promotional item as wedding favors to celebrate your special day makes more than economic sense. Well-chosen wedding favors provide memories and discussion points for the recipient for years to come. You will have a choice of items, colors, styles and personalization options. Ordering is simple and quick ensuring that this part of the wedding preparations is stress free. The fact that you chose a promotional item will ensure that you have a quality, personalized item to provide to each guest and that the memory of your special day will be happily remembered for many years to come.

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Bic Promotional Pens Promote Best

May 30th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing, Promotional Pens

The Top 4 Reasons to Choose Bic Promotional Pens to Promote Your Brand


imprinted bic clic stic pensWhen thinking about promotional products the first item to come to mind is generally a pen. Bic promotional pens are the most frequently used giveaway item in the world. This is because they are inexpensive and they are always appreciated. Advertising budgets of all sizes can accommodate the use of pens as a promotional and advertising tool.

While choosing to use a pen as an advertising tool seems like a clear cut decision, choosing the right pen might not be as clear cut. To optimized your marketing budget, it is important to choose a pen that will stand out; a pen that will be more than just a free gift.


There are four main reasons why Bic promotional pens should be your pen of choice.

Bic is Eco-friendly

Environmental and green matters are a hot topic. The use of eco-friendly Bic pens will resonate with the recipients. Your brand will be associated with quality and responsibility. The eco-friendly pens produced by Bic are manufactured using recycled materials.

Bic is Quality

If promotional pens are the most frequently used promotional item then you can be sure that the audience you are trying to reach will have experienced promotional pens across the quality range. No one thinks well of the company that gave them a pen that did not work.

Providing a Bic pen ensures that your business is remembered for providing a quality pen that works at each use. Bic has spent thousands of dollars to develop pens that are reliable, comfortable to hold and that have smooth flowing ink.

Each time your pen is used the user and anyone with them will recognise the Bic brand and see your advertising message. Your brand will become stronger as the pen will be frequently used due its reliability and professional appearance.

Bic is Long-lasting

Bic pens are built to last. The ink is designed to flow smoothly from the first use to its very last. The Bic brand is synonymous with quality and reliability. The fact that the Bic promotional pen your business provided actually lasts longer than cheaper and inferior pens will mean that you get more exposure. Your advertising revenue goes further as your message and brand is visible for longer.

Bic is Cost effective

There is a wide range of Bic pens to choose from and budgets of all sizes can be accommodated. The longevity of the Bic pens will ensure that your advertising budget is effectively used and that the pen and your business details are visible for longer.

While you want to use your promotional pen to advertise your brand, location and message, you also want the recipient and anyone else who sees your gift, to realise that your brand and business is professional and committed to quality. The superiority of your gift over other pens that the recipient has received, and the connection it creates in the mind of the recipient is crucial to the return you receive on your advertising spend. Your taste in promotional gifts will strengthen the perception of your brand and its services or products and Bic promotional pens are the right choice every time.


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Branded Promotional USB Sticks

May 19th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing, Promotional Products

Branded Promotional USB Sticks Are the Perfect

Promotional Item for Photography Businesses


branded_usb_sticksA branded promotional USB stick is the perfect promotional item for a photography business to use in terms of marketing, branding and creating customer loyalty. Modern businesses need to be efficient in all areas including marketing. It is also important to consider environmental factors by ensuring that products and policies include environmental awareness. These can be critical for photography businesses, especially smaller ones.

Efficiency in processes and procedures can lead to greater output, higher sales and increased income. This is something that all businesses strive to achieve. Using a branded promotional USB stick for delivering photographic proofs or final images is an extremely efficient method. The images are all stored in one place and delivered at the same time. The use of the USB stick will also provide ease of use to the customer.

A branded promotional item such as a USB stick makes an ideal ‘carrot’ to hook a new customer. Smart photography businesses use them as a gift for booking a photo shoot. USB sticks are valued by all computer users due to their size, high storage capacity and the fact that they are portable.

The use of the promotional USB stick branded with the photography company’s details not only ensures that it is effective advertising, it also promotes an environmentally friendly message to clients. USB sticks are re-usable; by the recipient and by anyone that they may pass the USB stick to. Providing a reusable media to customers will be appreciated. They will recognize and respect your company’s awareness of environmental issues as well as not wasting consumables such as ink or photographic paper.

Another advantage of using the promotional USB stick is reduced postage and packaging costs. Packets of printed proofs or photographs can weigh a significant amount. A USB stick is small and light requiring less packaging and incurring a lower postage rate.

Many photography businesses, large and small, now use branded promotional USB sticks as part of their marketing strategy to help increase awareness and business. These promotional items are also a great way to show a respect for the environment which will be admired by many customers and potential customers.

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