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PENSRUS PENS Waterman, Pen Brand of the Year

December 27th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS is celebrating one of their most popular lines of high quality pens-the Waterman collection of personalized pens. One of the few remaining first-generation fountain pen companies, Waterman’s extraordinary history details the lengths it has gone to bring together innovation, design, and excellence. PENSRUS, a leading distributor of custom logo pens, advertising products, and wide variety of Waterman designs, has been offering the highly prestigious Waterman pens for years now and has named the Waterman Pen Company pens, Pen of the Year.

“Waterman pens have always been a top seller at PENSRUS, and customers appreciate the notion of having the very best quality writing instrument matched with unparalleled craftsmanship,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “Our customers can agree that Waterman pens are one of the most elegant and inventive business pens in the industry today.”

The Waterman Expert Ball Pen is an excellent example of a pen perfect for a recent graduate or someone who has just received a promotion. Better yet, it is a great gift to give to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year. This luxury pen boasts innovation and expression, with its distinctive, vibrant style. The beveled cap and double guilded rings are available in chrome plate or 23 karat gold, while the black lacquer of the barrel exudes classic values with subtle hints of modern day style.

These engraved pens are also available for marketers who want to improve their advertising efforts and brand visibility. The Waterman Hemisphere Stainless GT Roller Pen is an excellent option for business owners who want to push the boundaries of expertise and style and increase their product or brand’s reputation. Complete with a 23.3 karat gold or chrome plated clip and trim, these customizes pens can cost as low as $35.00 when ordered in bulk.

Discover the extraordinary craftsmanship behind the Waterman Company Pens and see why PENSRUS has named Waterman, Pen Brand of the Year. For more information and a full listing of all Waterman logo pens, please visit www.PENSRUS.com or call 800-736-7787.

PENSRUS PENS Super Savings for the New Year on Top Quality Promotional Pens

December 21st, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Today’s promotional products and advertising industry is booming with numerous gidgets and gadgets targeted towards specific customers. There are modern electronic devices, eye-catching digital ads, and guerrilla marketing strategies. However, the most beneficial and cost efficient way of catching a customer’s eye as they go about their daily activities is with a custom pen. PENSRUS, a worldwide distributor of custom pens, logo pens, and other advertising products, is ringing in the new year with unbeatable sales on these timeless, conventional items.

Though 2012 is sure to be as digital an era if not more so, than 2011, marketers may note that people constantly have to take our their pens to sign bills, fill out forms, write down notes, and more. The Sheaffer 500 Ballpoint is a prime example of a promotional pen, which not only increases brand visibility, but also increases brand reputation. This modern yet elegant pen boasts a glossy black cap and barrel, glossy navy cap and including chrome plate trim. Priced individually at $19.31 a unit, customers will think highly and often of one’s company whenever a pen is needed in their daily life.

PENSRUS is also offering custom business pens for those companies who are on more of a marketing budget. Advertising pens are one of the cheapest promotional products on the market, and PENSRUS’ high level of options ensures every company can afford to implement imprinted pens into their budget. Bic’s Round Stic Pen can e ordered in bulk so that each pen only costs $0.24 a unit. Complimentary with barrel colors, trim colors, and imprint options, the BIC Round Stic has unbeatable prices paired with top quality production.

“It is important that marketers pick a logo pen that emulates the quality of one’s services or product,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “Poor quality branded pens have the ability to damage a brand’s image, which is why PENSRUS has been a trusted distributor of promotional products for over 50 years. We offer both high-cost and low-cost pens, but regardless, one’s image is fully guarded with the quality and usefulness of our promotional products.”

PENSRUS offers thousands of advertising products in addition to custom logo pens. For a full listing of all marketing products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com, or for personalized help on your custom order, please call 1-800-736-7787

PENSRUS PENS Extra Savings on Already Reduced Line of “Penny Pinchers” Imprinted Pens

December 13th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS has drastically dropped prices on their already record-beating line of “Penny Pinchers” business pens. This celebrated line, sold and made exclusively by PENSRUS, has become a top selling promotional pen success over the past few months, which is why PENSRUS is offering a no setup fee, no imprint fee, and free ground shipping on all Penny Pinchers pen orders.

Business owners and marketing individuals looking to promote their business with a low-cost yet inventive way can celebrate with these stylish and affordable logo pens complete with a classic twist-action retractable form. Advertisers cannot beat the new competitive price of just $0.59 a unit for these stylish pens that will set their businesses apart. The Lodger Gold imprinted pen is one of PENSRUS’ most popular, as it continues to stun and wow clients with its gold accents and bold barrel colors.

“At PENSRUS, we’ve worked extremely hard to find our customers the lowest possible price on custom advertising pens without sparing quality and style,” comment PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. With different styles to meet every business owners need’s, paired with no setup fee, no imprint fee, and free ground shipping, we hope to make this fabulous line of professional writing instruments available to virtually everyone with a small or large marketing budget.”

This holiday season don’t spend an arm and a leg looking for a product that will wow potential customers and loyal clients. The Penny Pinchers line is elegant, professional, and affordable, with over 34 styles to choose from.

Act now and receive no setup fee, no imprint fee, and free ground shipping with every Penny Pinchers order. One’s company will stand out this holiday season with these personalized pens.

For a full listing of Penny Pinchers and other promotional products from PENSRUS, please visit http://pensrus.com/

PENSRUS Pens Holiday Sale with Specially Marked Down Norwood Promotional Items

December 6th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, a leading distributor of promotional items such as imprinted pens, logo pens, engraved pens, and more, is helping businesses celebrate the holidays with special low savings on all Norwood imprinted items. Companies looking to spread holiday cheer should look no further than Norwood products to bear their company name, information, and logo, while providing loyal customers and hard-working employees with fun, top-quality promotional items.

A consistent customer favorite gift is the Norwood Stainless Deal Tumbler. Available in red, silver, or blue with up to 28 different imprint colors, this high quality imprinted beverage container is priced competitively low for the holidays at just $3.19 a unit. Both hot and cold beverages can be stored in the tumbler, which is custom made to bear a business’s name, contact information, slogan, logo, and more. PENSRUS is making the holiday gifting experience easy this year. Customers and employees will love this gift and businesses will love its new low price.

Another popular gift exclusively from PENSRUS is the Norwood SPF 23 Lip Balm. This winter has been an especially cold and dry one, which is why PENSRUS is offering this custom gift at only $0.81 a unit. Available in Cherry, Spearmint, and Vanilla, this lip balm makes an excellent stocking stuffer for both employees and customers alike. When they pull out this high quality product, not only will their lips get soothed, but bystanders will get a glimpse at the business or brand information which is imprinted right onto the lip balm.

Lastly, PENSRUS is offering special savings on Norwood reusable grocery bags this holiday season. Five lines of text allows marketers and business owners alike to imprint their company’s eye catching information on these eco-friendly, reusable bags. Now priced as low as $1.33 a unit on PENSRUS.com, companies small and large can afford to give the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Act now to take advantage of the PENSRUS “no setup fee” offer and free ground shipping on all engraved and imprinted pen orders. For a complete listing of Norwood product on special for this holiday season, please visit www.PENSRUS.com.

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