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The Importance of Branding

September 19th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing

When you see the swoosh of the Nike logo, you think of running shoes. When you see the Facebook logo, you think of interacting on the world’s largest social network. When you see an apple with a bite taken out, you think of Apple’s many electronic products. Branding is defined as communicating your core message with your name, symbol or logo that identifies your product and company, and despite many marketer’s feelings a core part of successful companies marketing strategy.

Here are the common objections companies use explaining away their need for branding, followed by why their positions are wrong:

  1. We don’t the have name brand equity of a Nike or Apple so it’s not important for our target market to recognize us. The problem with this thinking is that many of their competitors are establishing name-recognition with their market through strategic branding tactics. This is diminishing the “marketing power” of the non-branding company.
  2. Branding won’t bring in any clients or direct sales. Although branding has a lesser impact on direct sales than other forms of marketing, studies have shown that the more touchpoints a market is exposed to with consistent branding and messaging, the higher likelihood that all forms of marketing from that organization will perform better.
  3. We don’t have the marketing budget to spend. Branding can be the one of the least expensive forms of marketing. For example, a company can purchase 250 personalized ink pens for less than $100.
  4. Even if we did brand, we wouldn’t be able to measure its impact on our sales. Although this generally can’t be disputed, it’s important to understand that assigning sales to specific marketing initiatives can be tricky when companies advertise through multiple channels. Many times, customers will see your marketing message in more than one place before making a purchase decision.

Based on the size of your company, the competitiveness of your industry and the nature of your target customer, we recommend allocating between 12% and 21% of your marketing budget to branding. And of course, a great place to start is with promotional products like custom pens, pencils, mugs, backpacks and other gifts.

Papermate Pens Sale on Tradeshow Giveaways at PENSRUS.com

September 12th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

During social gatherings and work events, a particularly common and popular giveaway to guests and attendees are logo pens. The reason for this is that imprinted pens are useful for many writing purposes, so companies commonly use these items as promotional corporate giveaways and freebies during occasions such as product launches, conventions, tradeshows, and conferences. PENSRUS, a top distributor of such imprinted and engraved pens, promotional pencils, and other advertising tools, is currently offering a sale on Papermate marketing pens fit for company giveaways.

Guests and customers alike relish the thought of receiving giveaways and perks while attending an event or conference; some even collect such promotional items from each event they attend. At PENSRUS.com, marketers and advertisers can customize Papermate advertising pens to advertise the company itself.  The Papermate Propel is one such pen, which comes in up to eleven fun, unique, and vibrant colors to call attention to the message it is displaying. This trendy ball pen has a unique cut-out grip design in eleven vibrant barrel colors in black or blue ink that are sure to steer your sales in the right direction. And it’s value-priced so you can easily put your message on the fast track. Drive your sales momentum to new heights with the Paper Mate Propel! It will satisfy your need for speed.

Papermate inexpensive pens can be custom made in a multitude of ways. One way is to choose a specific color for the body of the pen that matches the official color or colors of the company. Another way to personalize it is to print the company name, logo, and caption on the body of the pen.  The Papermate Plunge is one such promotional pen that customers and party guests will be eager to pick up. Priced at just $1.05 a unit when ordered in bulk, these personalized pens can also help build a company’s image and may help gain customers in the long run.

This Fall, check out the wide variety of Papermate business pens PENSRUS has to offer at PENSRUS.com. With no imprint fee, no setup fee, and free ground shipping, Papermate ink pens are advertising tools every marketer can count on to not break the bank.

Papermate Pens Spotlighted and Discounted at PENSRUS.com

September 6th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Papermate custom logo pens, owned by Sanford, and known for its unique two hearts logo, are now being offered at wildly discounted prices when ordered through PENSRUS.com. With over 50 years of experience providing advertisers and marketers imprinted and engraved pens, PENSRUS has become one of the world’s leading distributors of promotional products including company pens, pencils, sticky notes, and other specialty advertising items.

Papermate has been providing durable, elegant and sleek marketing pens and pencils for over 50 years and have proven extremely popular due to their high quality workmanship. Papermate ballpoint pens come equipped with a tungsten carbide ball that produces the most excellent writing experience, no matter how many times it has been used. Because Papermate offers a guarantee on all products, these discount pens are suitable for budgets large or small and are dependable for all occasions and writing needs.

A popular company pen utilized by marketers and individuals alike is the Write Bros stick pen, which was introduced in 1971. Today is still a favorite among those seeking greater brand exposure and individuals looking to commemorate weddings, reunions and other special events. The Papermate Write Bros. Stick Pen is great for personalization as it is available in 60 different color combinations. These personalized pens are colorful, traveling billboards for your logo, artwork or text message. Available at PENSRUS at a discounted price when ordered in bulk, this is one imprinted pen, which fits any budget.


Another popular pen now available at a cheaper price is the Papermate TriEdge ink pen. With three imprintable sides, advertisers can market their message awareness by repeating the same message on all thee sides for impact, or can choose different messages for each location in order to communication more with their customers.

As with all business pens right now, PENSRUS does not charge an imprint, setup or artwork fee, and for a limited time is offering free ground shipping on all promotional pens ordered from the PENSRUS web site.

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