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The Promotional Products Story

February 25th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Promotional Products

Promotional Products in History


It may not be surprising that promotional products got their start on the political front. Not only were they used to demonstrate affiliation and support of the winning candidate, but also they may have had a subtler, political motive.


In 1789, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut colonial button makers made George Washington Inaugural Buttons; the commemorative buttons were sold to Citizens who were eager to commemorate the ceremony of George Washington as the President of the United States. It is believed that those attending the ceremony on April 20th 1789 wore many of the buttons, and some theories have been put forth that the buttons were also a demonstration that American manufacturing could easily replace manufactures in Birmingham England.


The idea caught on and in the 19th century, there was some early promotional item marketing with advertising on calendars, wooden specialties and rulers, but it wasn’t until the later part of the 19th century and early 20th century that an industry really started to form around it and distribution of promotional products became a little more common place.


Jasper Meeks, a printer in Ohio, is widely considered by many to be the real pioneer of the promo products industry, when he convinced the owner of a local shoe store to give book bags with his store name imprinted on the side to local schools for their students. Grabbing on to the idea, Meek’s competitor Henry Beach began customizing items and soon the two were branding everything from buggy whips to aprons, horse visors, fans and calendars for local businesses.


It would not be until the 1970s, however, that the promotional product industry really took off when large companies started to recognize the benefits of promoting their brand identity; however, the gifts were usually limited to seasonal corporate gift giving.


As companies became more inventive in their marketing and branding efforts, promotional item gift giving became commonplace and took place year around as corporations and small businesses began using the tactic to marketing their brand, services and products at events, through the mail and in their offices and stores.


Today, there is such a wide variety of useful, interesting and even industry specific promotional items that can be utilized, that the sky is the limit; and, as studies have shown time and again, the use of promotional products is one of the most valuable and highly effective marketing strategies available.


Teachers Get Creative With Promotional Products

February 23rd, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Promotional Products, Public Relations

School Teachers use Promotional Products


to Increase Study Efforts & it Works


When most people think of promotional products, they think of businesses trying to get their name out there by branding promo items and giving them away, but two high school teachers at a private school had a better idea for them.


Always searching for ways to increase the motivation of their students, two high school teachers in Southern California decided to use promotional products to help motivate students to study harder, do their homework, do extra credit assignments and be good citizens by offering a point system to earn customized items. Branded with the school mascot, each product was color coded according to the level of achievement; that way the award would stand out brightly, announcing to all that could see the award the student had earned. Given out on a monthly basis at the monthly assembly and pep rally, students worked hard to earn those brightly colored, coveted and useful awards.


Every student could be a winner, as awards were color coded according to accomplishment. Different awards were given out each month so that 9 in total were given through the year. The students who earned the most top awards throughout the year got a grand prize at the end.


The point system, based on 100 points each month, was awarded with certain percentages being given out for homework, test scores, attendance and good citizenship. 100 points meant a red gift, 75 meant a green one, 50 meant they got the blue prize.


Giving out mascot-imprinted products, the promotional items included pencils, pens, rulers, pocket highlighters, eraser sticks, file folios, pencil bags, ball caps, lip balm, book bags, t-shirts, bleacher blankets and beach towels. Starting out small, with pens, pencils and erasers, the prizes gradually became more valuable and coveted as the year wore on. Of course, all of these beautiful mascot items were available for sale at the school book store in white with the school colors of purple & gold, but, when earned, the color coded point score items were much more valued.


It worked. The students absolutely loved it and test scores and grades increased overall by 38% at the school.

Teachers getting creative with promotional items; Just goes to show there are all kinds of ways to use them!



Big Business Booms on the Golf Course

February 18th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Small Business


Small Businesses Take Advantage of the Promotional Opportunity by Gifting Promotional Products


It is no secret that business deals have been struck for years on the back nine, but smart business owners are starting to take note and take advantage of a great marketing opportunity by branding and gifting promotional golf products. Not an inexpensive sport, golfers need things and golf things cost a pretty penny. Imagine how appreciative they might be of your company if you gift them with the little things they need.


Depending on your budget, there are many freebie options for gifting on the golf course, thereby getting your name out there and on the minds of business people at your local club.


Erin Menath, Golf pro at GolfTec in Seattle says, “stay away from pencils; golfers get those for free. Golf balls aren’t a good idea either as golfers tend to be pretty selective when it comes to those; also they get lost. Go for useful items that will really be appreciated”.


Among the useful items that Menath suggested:  Ball markers, divot tools or, even better, dual divot tools that double as bottle openers, bottle openers of course, golf towels, cozies, and Titleist hats with your company logo on the side.


Distribution is a snap; you can easily get these wonderfully useful little billboards into the hands of those business people and turn them into profitable customers for your business.  There are a number of ways, really, and again it all depends on your budget. The sky is the limit if your budget can reach it, but since that’s sometimes not the case, we’ll give you a couple of suggestions, ranging from the very inexpensive to the more costly to implement.


Small items like divot tools, bottle openers and ball markers can be left in a basket or on a kiosk near the registration desk where golfers check in for their tee time; mark the distribution area with a small sign that says, “Please take one, courtesy of XYZ Company; enjoy your game!”


Likewise, companies often choose to sponsor golf tournaments or fund raisers by gifting promotional items or even promotional gift bags that are full of their branded promotional products.


No matter what your business is, you probably can’t go wrong at your local golf course; business men and women often play golf and conduct business on the golf course, but they also get massages, get their taxes done, need accounting services, have vision problems, get their business attire dry cleaned, travel, repair their computers, their cars and their shoes, use office supplies and, well, use products and services like the rest of us!

Trending Monograms for Weddings

February 14th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Personalized Party Favors


Monograms for Wedding Gifts & Favors


Personalization adds an elegant touch and monograms for customized pens, napkins, placeholders, wedding favors and wedding party gifts are trending hot for weddings in 2013. While some might find it a bit extreme, many brides are even planning their entire wedding and reception themes around their designs.


Stylish monograms are designed by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form a symbol or emblem. Over the centuries, monograms have been used by many to represent their name, house or seal; from artists, craftsmen and guilds, to great families, monarchs, and governments.


Traditionally, monograms are created by using the first, last and middle initials, with the last name initial appearing in the center. For example, Jack Arthur Sprat’s monogram would look like JSA. In modern times, however, couples who are creating a monogram often edge away from tradition and create their monogram in a variety of different ways, utilizing initials, first names and sometimes incorporating their wedding date to mark the occasion. Some prefer to use only the first initials of each spouse’s name and others use just the initial of the groom’s last name with either initials or full first names appearing out to the side or above and below. Further modernization still might entail the usage of both the bride and groom’s last initials when the bride chooses to keep her maiden name. Jack Sprat and Jill Rebel then become JSRJ.


There are some great do-it-yourself design suites available online, but often couples prefer to hire a graphic design artist or add the design service to their order when they order their customized wedding favors and memorabilia from PENRUS.


When planning wedding reception décor and favors, you can use beautifully crafted custom monograms to personalize your wedding favors by placing the couple’s monogram on elegant custom pens, napkins, keepsake jewelry boxes, paper fans, mint tins, lighters, tote bags, shot glasses and more. In fact, the items that can be personalized as a keepsake are really only limited to the to the couples imagination.


Depending on the wedding budget, the same design that was used to create the couple’s monogram can be modified to create personalized monogrammed gifts for the bridal party. Some gift ideas include handkerchiefs, cufflinks, flasks, personalized pens and journals, shot glasses, wine glasses, tote bags and more.


When planning wedding gifts and especially favors to give your guests, monograms are an easy way to add an elegant, personal touch and buying in bulk quantities can save bundles of cash.


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