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PENSRUS Pens Top Selling Bargain Pen

April 2nd, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, a leading distributor of promotional products including personalized pens and pencils, inexpensive bargain pens, custom mouse pads, sticky notes, and more, has been experiencing an increased demand for the top-selling BIC Round Stic discount pens, which has become the world’s most successful custom logo pen in the past year two years.

The Bic Round Stic imprinted pen is a cost efficient and effective marketing tool for Fortune 500 companies as well as small family-owned shops, due to their low manufacturing cost, high quality performance, and ability to be marketed to consumers and potential clients alike on a daily basis. Available at PENSRUS in over 20 flashy and unique barrel and trim colors; businesses worldwide can use these cheap pens as part of their advertising strategy to improve sales, increase branding, and gain custom loyalty.

PENSRUS reports seeing an increased demand for these discount pens over the past years and attributes it to their speedy delivery and exceptional reliability. Every BIC pen sold by PENSRUS is printed at the BIC factory, so customers can be assured they will always receive the highest quality business pens on the market.

These low-cost pens start as low as $0.24 a unit and are available in multiple point styles and ink colors to suit one’s marketing needs.

PENSRUS and BIC promotional pens have helped businesses worldwide to reach potential clients by advertising their company’s logo, information, and custom artwork where it can be seen in everyday life.

As with all imprinted pens from PENSRUS.com, there is absolutely no setup fee, no imprint fee, and for a limited time, free ground shipping.

For more information and to view a full listing of BIC products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com.

PENSRUS Pens Inexpensive Discount Pens from Penny Pinchers Line

March 28th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, one of the largest distributors of custom logo pens, personalized advertising products, and affordable marketing tools, has announced that the Penny Pinchers line, found only on PENSRUS.com, has far surpassed sales of any other discount pens this year. The Penny Pinchers line of imprinted pens specializes in high quality, inexpensive pens for those who are looking to expand their branding or advertising efforts without leaving a gaping hole in their pocket.

Available in stick, click, and twist styles, customers need not to spare any details when ordering these bargain pens. Penny Pinchers have quickly become a fan favorite among business owners that are looking to commemorate special events. Large advertising billboards or pricey television ads cannot compare to the usefulness of a cheap and inventive pen like the Penny Pinchers line produces.

In addition to the low minimum quantity requirements and prices starting as low as $0.19 a unit, all Penny Pinchers receive free ground shipping when ordered through PENSRUS.

With over 36 different styles of bargain pens to choose from, customers can enjoy some of the many benefits of choosing an inexpensive Penny Pinchers pen such as an impressively large imprint area for artwork, logos, and contact information.  For those who are looking for a low cost, personalized pen, the Penny Pinchers are the most cost effective and affordable pens for those on a budget.

Frugality is in this season, but doesn’t mean that quality should be spared. Visit www.PENSRUS.com today for a full listing of cheap pens, bargain pens, and of course, Penny Pinchers discount pens.

PENSRUS Pens Free Shipping On All BIC and Paper Mate Writing Pens

March 21st, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, a leading distributor of promotional custom logo pencils, personalized sticky note pads, mouse pads, backpacks and specialty advertising pens, is continuing to offer free ground shipping on its two most popular promotional pen manufacturers, Paper Mate and BIC. PENSRUS has been offering high quality and trendy pens from BIC and Paper Mate for many years and carries one of the largest and most diverse selections of business pens available.

One of the most popular and affordable pens available, the “Write Bros” was introduced in 1971 and has consistently been favorite imprinted pen among marketers seeking greater brand exposure and individuals looking to commemorate special occasions. The Paper Mate Write Bros Stick Pen is great for customizing and is available in 60 different color combinations. These printed pens serve as a traveling billboard for your logo, artwork and message.

BIC Grip Roller pens, known specifically for their durability, style and comfort, is available at PENRUS in a wide variety of colors with the choice of black or blue ink. The generous imprinting area available on both the barrel and cap affords flexible customization, and with prices starting as low as $0.59 with no additional fees, the BIC Grip Roller is among the most cost effective and stylish marketing pens available.

Both Paper Mate and BIC offer many different styles of custom advertising pens that are sure to fit the budget and needs of every business nationwide. Fortune 500 companies as well as small or locally owned businesses can benefit from the effects of these custom pens. Benefits include customer satisfaction, a high return on investment, implementing a giveaway that can actually be used on a daily basis, as well as an increase in sales.

For more information and to view a full listing of BIC and Paper Mate products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com

PENSRUS Pens St. Patrick’s Day “Green” Sale on BIC Eco-Friendly Personalized Products

March 14th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

NEW YORK, NY, Mar 13, 2012 — PENSRUS, a top selling distributor of custom logo pens and personalized products, has announced that they will be offering a discount on environmentally friendly pens and sticky notes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This special boasts a 10% discount for BIC’s Ecolutions line of promotional pens and customized sticky notes which are popular in the office and when given to customers as promotional tools.

Marketers need not to worry about getting pinched this St. Patrick’s Day if they are carrying around imprinted business pens from the BIC Ecolutions series. These writing instruments are “green” in every sense as they meet the strict ISO 14021 guidelines and are made from up to 74% of recycled materials.

BIC Ecolutions pens are designed especially to meet a wide variety of marketing, stationery and commemorative needs and are available in a wide selection of popular styles including Ecolutions Round Stic, Clic Stic, and the Tri Stic. The BIC Ecolutions Pens are available in black, blue and red ink.

Along with these marketing pens, PENSRUS will also be offering a discount on the environmentally friendly BIC Ecolutions sticky notes. Popular when purchased in combination with the Ecolutions pens, and these fun custom giveaways ensure that marketers and their customers remain “pinch-free” this St. Patrick’s Day.

Founded online over ten years ago with over 50 years of industry experience, PENSRUS is committed to providing high quality products that are environmentally friendly, and reliable. The BIC Ecolutions brand of promotional pens and sticky notes is perfect for companies looking for a stylish, eco-friendly, cost-efficient edge, as well as a high quality promotional product.

For more information and to see the full line of BIC Ecolutions, please visit www.PENSRUS.com

PENSRUS Pens Award Winning Customer Service Over the Last 50 Years

March 5th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, a leading distributor of custom logo pens, imprinted and engraved pens, and other specialty advertising personalized items, is proud to offer knowledgeable, friendly, and timely customer service to all potential clients and customers looking to rev up their marketing and advertising efforts. PENSRUS prides itself on their reputation of only providing the highest level of quality customer service as well as marketing tools.

PENSRUS consistently challenge themselves by providing top-notch customer service while selling well over 10 million custom business pens a year.  PENSRUS offers a wide variety of traditional and eclectic promotional pens including imprinted pens that are fit for giveaways, as well as timeless yet stylish engraved pens, which make excellent gifts Customers always have the widest variety of well-known and popular brands such as BIC, Paper Mate, Pentel, Waterman, Sheaffer, and more, and are always guaranteed excellent service and quality along the way.

PENSRUS is proud to be featured on many customer review sites and boasts the highest rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau year after year.

“Excellent customer service is crucial to any successful business, and here at PENSRUS, we hold customer service to the highest degree,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “We guarantee a pleasant buying experience when you work with us.”

When ordering now, enjoy PENSRUS’ “no fee policy”, which includes no setup fee, no imprint fee, no logo fee, and free ground shipping.

Implement advertising pens into your businesses marketing plan and increase brand awareness and customer loyalty with PENSRUS promotional pens.

For more information and for a full listing of PENSRUS pens and other specialty ad products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com

PENSRUS Pens Penny Pinchers Mega Sale During Tax Season

February 13th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, a worldwide distributor of promotional pens, personalized products, custom logo pens, and other specialty marketing and advertising products, announced their mega sale for their consistently popular line of “Penny Pinchers” business pens during this years’ tax season. This well sought after line of imprinted pens, which is only available at PENSRUS, has far surpassed sales expectations and has become the favorite pen among customers and clients who are looking for the perfect way to promote their business during tax season.

“This tax season, we hope marketers and accountants alike use the Penny Pinchers line of custom promotional pens to promote their business while trusting the top quality line to complete their taxes,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “The Penny Pinchers line is one of which anyone could afford, and customers who try these low cost advertising pens can attest to the high-quality value of the product, which is now available in over 36 different colors and styles”.

Choose from click retractable, twist or stick styles, and pick from ballpoint ink, highlighter ink, or even gel ink.  One of the most popular “Penny Pinchers” imprinted pens is the “Lodger Gold Accents” pen, which boasts a classic styling that can be compared to pens that cost up to five times as much.

The Penny Pinchers line can be used as a great marketing tool for accountants during this years’ tax season, as the pens truly act as an advertisement in action. These pens are ideal for imprinting a company name, logo, and contact information so that whenever potential clients reach for a pen or when next years’ tax season rolls around, that company is on the mind.

“Penny Pinchers”, as well as all PENSRUS logo pens are available with free ground shipping.

Please visit http://www.pensrus.com for more information.

PENSRUS Pens Reduced Prices on PaperMate Personalized Products

February 6th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PaperMate advertising pens are being offered at extremely reduced prices by PENSRUS, an online personalized pen and promotional product seller. PENSRUS has over 50 years of experience and industry relations, providing advertisers and business owners with high quality products while becoming a mainstay in the promotional products business. PENSRUS specializes in the distribution of imprinted and engraved pens, custom logo pens, sticky notes, and other specialty marketing items.

PENSRUS is drastically discounting prices on PaperMate business pens throughout the rest of the 2012.  Both consumers and marketers alike can choose from the hundreds of different styles and options that PaperMate and PENSRUS have to offer, including retractable ballpoint ink and gel pens, stick pens, TriEdge pens, pencils, and much more.

“PaperMate logo pens are popular due to their high quality workmanship,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “No matter how many times a PaperMate pen has been used, PaperMate’s tungsten carbide ball produces the most excellent writing experience, time after time.”

Because PaperMate offers a guarantee on each and every one of their products, these inexpensive, yet quality pens are suitable for both companies on a large or small budget and are dependable for all writing needs and particular occasions.

One of PaperMate’s most popular items, a consistent consumer favorite, is the PaperMate TriEdge ink pen. With imprint option on up to three different sides, advertisers can market their message, contact information, and logo by repeating the same message on all three sides for highest visibility, or can choose different messages for each location to provide more variety. Imprint-friendly white barrels with colorful triangular grips complement virtually any logo. These discount pens are virtually a walking billboard for any company large, or small.

For more PaperMate products, and to take advantage of PENSRUS’ free shipping offer, please visit www.PENSRUS.com.

PENSRUS Celebrating the New Year with BIC Custom Advertising Pens

January 16th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, a staple in the promotional products, imprinted pens, custom logo pens, and advertising business for over 50 years, is offering a wide variety of BIC personalized pens at competitively low prices to kick off the New Year. Business professionals and marketers alike are encouraged to take advantage of the copious amount of choices that are available to them today.

Writing off the competition has never been so simple with high quality, yet affordable BIC pens and pencils. PENSRUS carries a full line of quality personalized BIC pens, including the versatile BIC Clic Stic, the popular BIC Round Stic, the ultra-comfortable BIC Tri Stic, and the Eco-friendly BIC Ecolutions pen.

“We have a wide variety of imprinted and engraved pens and pencils that will make your customers and employees feel special,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “Employees and customers alike will always be able to depend on your brand every time they need to reach for a pen.”

Known for producing affordable and dependable custom business pens, BIC has earned the respect and trust of clients from all around. The BIC Clic Stic is consistently a custom favorite at PENSRUS, and now, with prices as low as $0.31 a unit, everyone can reap the benefits from implementing this custom logo pen into their marketing or advertising ventures. Available in red, black, or blue ink in fine or medium point, businesses can imprint on the pen’s barrel to advertise their product or service. Compliment this with your contact information and artwork, and one has a unique advertising pen for less than one dollar.

BIC advertising pens are an excellent way to keep one’s brand in front of customers, as pens are useful and always needed. Associating one’s brand with BIC is associating one’s company with durability and reliability. For a limited time, enjoy free setup, free shipping, and free imprinting in one area.

For more information on BIC and to see a full listing of high quality imprinted and engraved pens from PENSRUS, please visit www.PENSRUS.com.

PENSRUS PENS Waterman, Pen Brand of the Year

December 27th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS is celebrating one of their most popular lines of high quality pens-the Waterman collection of personalized pens. One of the few remaining first-generation fountain pen companies, Waterman’s extraordinary history details the lengths it has gone to bring together innovation, design, and excellence. PENSRUS, a leading distributor of custom logo pens, advertising products, and wide variety of Waterman designs, has been offering the highly prestigious Waterman pens for years now and has named the Waterman Pen Company pens, Pen of the Year.

“Waterman pens have always been a top seller at PENSRUS, and customers appreciate the notion of having the very best quality writing instrument matched with unparalleled craftsmanship,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “Our customers can agree that Waterman pens are one of the most elegant and inventive business pens in the industry today.”

The Waterman Expert Ball Pen is an excellent example of a pen perfect for a recent graduate or someone who has just received a promotion. Better yet, it is a great gift to give to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year. This luxury pen boasts innovation and expression, with its distinctive, vibrant style. The beveled cap and double guilded rings are available in chrome plate or 23 karat gold, while the black lacquer of the barrel exudes classic values with subtle hints of modern day style.

These engraved pens are also available for marketers who want to improve their advertising efforts and brand visibility. The Waterman Hemisphere Stainless GT Roller Pen is an excellent option for business owners who want to push the boundaries of expertise and style and increase their product or brand’s reputation. Complete with a 23.3 karat gold or chrome plated clip and trim, these customizes pens can cost as low as $35.00 when ordered in bulk.

Discover the extraordinary craftsmanship behind the Waterman Company Pens and see why PENSRUS has named Waterman, Pen Brand of the Year. For more information and a full listing of all Waterman logo pens, please visit www.PENSRUS.com or call 800-736-7787.

PENSRUS PENS Super Savings for the New Year on Top Quality Promotional Pens

December 21st, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Today’s promotional products and advertising industry is booming with numerous gidgets and gadgets targeted towards specific customers. There are modern electronic devices, eye-catching digital ads, and guerrilla marketing strategies. However, the most beneficial and cost efficient way of catching a customer’s eye as they go about their daily activities is with a custom pen. PENSRUS, a worldwide distributor of custom pens, logo pens, and other advertising products, is ringing in the new year with unbeatable sales on these timeless, conventional items.

Though 2012 is sure to be as digital an era if not more so, than 2011, marketers may note that people constantly have to take our their pens to sign bills, fill out forms, write down notes, and more. The Sheaffer 500 Ballpoint is a prime example of a promotional pen, which not only increases brand visibility, but also increases brand reputation. This modern yet elegant pen boasts a glossy black cap and barrel, glossy navy cap and including chrome plate trim. Priced individually at $19.31 a unit, customers will think highly and often of one’s company whenever a pen is needed in their daily life.

PENSRUS is also offering custom business pens for those companies who are on more of a marketing budget. Advertising pens are one of the cheapest promotional products on the market, and PENSRUS’ high level of options ensures every company can afford to implement imprinted pens into their budget. Bic’s Round Stic Pen can e ordered in bulk so that each pen only costs $0.24 a unit. Complimentary with barrel colors, trim colors, and imprint options, the BIC Round Stic has unbeatable prices paired with top quality production.

“It is important that marketers pick a logo pen that emulates the quality of one’s services or product,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “Poor quality branded pens have the ability to damage a brand’s image, which is why PENSRUS has been a trusted distributor of promotional products for over 50 years. We offer both high-cost and low-cost pens, but regardless, one’s image is fully guarded with the quality and usefulness of our promotional products.”

PENSRUS offers thousands of advertising products in addition to custom logo pens. For a full listing of all marketing products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com, or for personalized help on your custom order, please call 1-800-736-7787

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