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Customized Lighters For All Occasions Make Excellent Summer Promotional Giveaways

June 1st, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

As summer is literally right around the corner, you may be thinking about implementing a fresh, young, and inspired promotional product to give away to your potential clients and loyal customers. When thinking of a unique summer-inspired giveaway that will make your brand stand out among the rest, you need to look no further than custom logo lighters.

Personalized lighters are an excellent promotional giveaway that will cement your brand into the minds of patrons everywhere. Lighters with multi-purpose functions are now hotter than ever and can be used for many every day purposes.

Customized lighters have proven to be a favorite giveaway among adults, especially during the warmer weather seasons. Imprinted upon to make your brand, message, and logo stand out, these personalized lighters can be used for a wide array of activities including lighting barbeques, lanterns, bon fires, and even tiki torches.

Custom lighters have an estimated life expectancy around 3,000 lights, so you know you are getting your money’s worth when these promotional products are priced as low as $1.10 a unit and can advertise your company for months, if not years. Plus, due to industry leading quality standards, companies small and large will feel comfortable knowing they have provided a safe promotional product for everyone.

Popular lighters range from built-in child guard lighters, easy to use multi-purpose lighters, and unique and fun electronic lighters.

Customers, employees, and business owners can all get the most use out of these marketing products while increasing brand awareness wherever they go. Promotional lighters ensure that a businesses’ message is seen not only by those who are using them, but by others who are in the vicinity.

For more information on how multi-purpose lighters can improve your branding, as well as other summer promotional products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com.

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