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Excellent Customer Service Crucial For Promotional Products Industry

May 4th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

One may think that simply providing excellent products to a customer is all that it takes to run a successful business. This may be true for some instances where repeat customers do not exist, however, in the promotional products industry, great customer service is everything.

Companies such as PENSRUS sell well over 10 million custom pens per year, and are consistently challenging themselves and competitors by providing only the highest quality customer service. Because there are so many options when choosing a promotional products company to help with one’s marketing and advertising needs, the degree of customer service is often the deciding factor that potential clients use to decide.

When thinking about ordering imprinted or engraved pens that will increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, it is important to choose a company that will help you and your business make the right decisions each step of the way. This includes helping you choose the initial writing instrument, when there are thousands of options available, to helping with imprint and engraving options, your company’s custom artwork, all the way through delivery, and even on afterwards.

Choosing a promotional products company that is the right fit for your business may be a challenge because there are so many options out there. However, one way to ensure you receive the excellent customer service and buying experience that you deserve, is to look at companies that are listed in the Better Business Bureau. The BBB rates businesses of all sorts and “grades” them based on complaints, reviews, and more. You will want to choose a company that has anywhere from an A to an A+ rating.

Many personalized pen companies will throw in added perks such as free ground shipping, and no hidden or extra fees, ensuring a pleasant experience each time. It is important to work with these businesses because they are experts in their fields and are truly passionate about what they do.

When implementing customized pens and pencils into your advertising plan, make sure you choose a company that sets a high standard of customer service. It will make your buying experience more helpful and you will learn much about how custom logo pens can truly be beneficial to your marketing plan.

For more information and for a full listing of PENSRUS pens and other specialty ad products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com

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