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How Custom Sharpie Markers Can Improve Your Business’ Brand Awareness

June 21st, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Many businesses these days are looking for the competitive edge when it comes to the type of promotional products they use. They are searching for a product that will not cost them a large sum of money, but want something that will set their company apart from the rest, while giving their customers and employees a personalized product that will not only advertise their company, but be useful in every day life. These custom giveaways can range from pencils, to coasters, but the only that always stands out is the Sharpie Marker.

The famous Sharpie pen is a trademark of the Sanford Ink Company and made its debut on the writing instruments scene in May of 1964. With it’s attention grabbing, waterproof, and permanent features, this logo pen became an overnight sensation.

Sharpie personalized markers have consistently been a customer favorite because there are so unique and useful. The markers are everlasting, versatile, and can write on virtually any surface. Marketers like to implement these pens into their marketing plan because there is practically no mission you cannot accomplish with the Sharpie marker.

The Sharpie imprinted pen is a great advertising tool because there are various types of Sharpie permanent markers for different situations and projects. Ideal for a wide variety of projects including labeling cd’s, writing on lunch bags, using for school projects and in the workplace, each marker is waterproof and fade-proof, ensuring a quality product to be utilized by anyone and everyone.

A popular pen that is suitable for signing clothing and other fabric items is the Sharpie Autograph pen. With its non-toxic, standard Sharpie ink, advertisers can imprint their promotional message on it. Loyal customers and potential clients alike will recognize your company’s brand while utilizing the custom marker to its fullest effect.

Another client favorite are the Sharpie Mini Permanent Markers Ideal for key chains, golf bags, school bags, and more, your clients will take these mini advertisements wherever they go. Portable, convenient, and imprintable in a wide array of colors, these promo markers make for fun giveaways that are sure to be seen by your next client, wherever they go.  Used in the workplace, classroom, or simply out and about, this advertising strategy possesses high visibility at a very low cost.

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