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How to Celebrate National Relaxation Day This August 15th

August 11th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

National Relaxation Day is a day to kick back, do nothing, or pamper oneself by avoiding stressful activities. Taking place every year on August 15th, many people celebrate by engaging in activities that may reduce the stress in one’s life and promote a more relaxing life.

Writing in a journal has proven to be a very valuable calming mechanism for many, dating all the way back to Shakespeare’s time. Because of this, Sheaffer pens are recommended. Known for their durable construction, long lasting ink, and comfortable writing coupled with astounding details and style, consumers will have no trouble relaxing knowing they are using one of the finest pens on the market at some of the best prices to date.

Another way to take advantage of National Relaxation Day is by having a picnic at a local park or beach. The All-in-One Insulated Lunch Carrier is foam insulated, water-resistant, and able to hold an entire meal.  Participating in this favorite, relaxing pastime has never been easier with prices now as low as $8.99 a unit.

In today’s fast paced society, dedicating a day to relax is even more important than ever. National Relaxation Day is the day to enjoy doing absolutely nothing, or about partaking in a favorite relaxing activity.

A new product that will have consumers unwinding on this special day, is by playing a game of hoops with a friend. Customizable mini basketball sets promote fun and relaxation while also broadcasting one’s brand to those who play. Excellent for office gifts as well as promotional giveaways, all can appreciate the low cost for this fun and inventive toy.

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