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Miscellaneous Promotional Products for Promoting Your Business!

March 31st, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

With so much talk about promotional pens and pencils and how beneficial logo pens are to promoting your company, miscellaneous promotional products often get left out of the conversation! These personalized products can vary drastically in range and can include promotional sticky notes, custom magnets, personalized backpacks, logo mouse pads, and more. What consumers often do not realize is that these items can also be imprinted upon, so that they bear your companies name and information for potential clients to see.

When it comes to miscellaneous promotional items, Bic sticky notes are definitely a favorite. These sticky notes come in various formats including scratchpads, note cubes, and of course, custom sticky note pads. These products, which feature a strong adhesive, thick paper for fluid writing, and bright neon colors to attract attention, are available in a wide array of sizes in order to accommodate one’s promotional needs. Potential clients love these sticky notes and often keep them near by around the house. Whether it is by the telephone for taking messages, or by the fridge for writing down notes, Bic sticky notes ensure your company’s message is seen and heard on a daily basis.

Another customer favorite are personalized backpacks. These promotional products are literally a walking billboard for your brand and are perfect for displaying your logo, promo work, or custom message. Backpacks and custom totes are an extremely effective way of marketing your company due to their inexpensive cost and the fact that your brand will be seen by hundreds of potential customers whenever they are used.

Another great giveaway is customized mouse pads. Who doesn’t own a computer these days? If you hand out mouse pads bearing your brand’s information, it is guaranteed to be used and seen by clients everywhere. Available in firm, fabric, or ultra-thin, Bic custom mouse pads are available in numerous shapes and sizes and with prices so low, the custom mouse pad is hard to beat.

Finally, a favorite among doctors, dentists, handymen, restaurants, and real estate agents everywhere are Bic customized magnets. Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors, customers love these magnets and get much use out of them. Perhaps the calendar magnet is the most popular, which can bear your brand’s name and contact information across the top, with a useful calendar below. The guarantees your message is seen and heard at all times, while providing your loyal customers with a useful tool.

Promotional pens are no longer the only advertising tools that businesses can employ to improve branding and customer awareness. Miscellaneous promotional products are an inexpensive, fun, and effective way of reaching customers on a daily basis and can improve branding and sales for companies worldwide.

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