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Big Business Booms on the Golf Course

February 18th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Small Business


Small Businesses Take Advantage of the Promotional Opportunity by Gifting Promotional Products


It is no secret that business deals have been struck for years on the back nine, but smart business owners are starting to take note and take advantage of a great marketing opportunity by branding and gifting promotional golf products. Not an inexpensive sport, golfers need things and golf things cost a pretty penny. Imagine how appreciative they might be of your company if you gift them with the little things they need.


Depending on your budget, there are many freebie options for gifting on the golf course, thereby getting your name out there and on the minds of business people at your local club.


Erin Menath, Golf pro at GolfTec in Seattle says, “stay away from pencils; golfers get those for free. Golf balls aren’t a good idea either as golfers tend to be pretty selective when it comes to those; also they get lost. Go for useful items that will really be appreciated”.


Among the useful items that Menath suggested:  Ball markers, divot tools or, even better, dual divot tools that double as bottle openers, bottle openers of course, golf towels, cozies, and Titleist hats with your company logo on the side.


Distribution is a snap; you can easily get these wonderfully useful little billboards into the hands of those business people and turn them into profitable customers for your business.  There are a number of ways, really, and again it all depends on your budget. The sky is the limit if your budget can reach it, but since that’s sometimes not the case, we’ll give you a couple of suggestions, ranging from the very inexpensive to the more costly to implement.


Small items like divot tools, bottle openers and ball markers can be left in a basket or on a kiosk near the registration desk where golfers check in for their tee time; mark the distribution area with a small sign that says, “Please take one, courtesy of XYZ Company; enjoy your game!”


Likewise, companies often choose to sponsor golf tournaments or fund raisers by gifting promotional items or even promotional gift bags that are full of their branded promotional products.


No matter what your business is, you probably can’t go wrong at your local golf course; business men and women often play golf and conduct business on the golf course, but they also get massages, get their taxes done, need accounting services, have vision problems, get their business attire dry cleaned, travel, repair their computers, their cars and their shoes, use office supplies and, well, use products and services like the rest of us!

Trending Monograms for Weddings

February 14th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Personalized Party Favors


Monograms for Wedding Gifts & Favors


Personalization adds an elegant touch and monograms for customized pens, napkins, placeholders, wedding favors and wedding party gifts are trending hot for weddings in 2013. While some might find it a bit extreme, many brides are even planning their entire wedding and reception themes around their designs.


Stylish monograms are designed by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form a symbol or emblem. Over the centuries, monograms have been used by many to represent their name, house or seal; from artists, craftsmen and guilds, to great families, monarchs, and governments.


Traditionally, monograms are created by using the first, last and middle initials, with the last name initial appearing in the center. For example, Jack Arthur Sprat’s monogram would look like JSA. In modern times, however, couples who are creating a monogram often edge away from tradition and create their monogram in a variety of different ways, utilizing initials, first names and sometimes incorporating their wedding date to mark the occasion. Some prefer to use only the first initials of each spouse’s name and others use just the initial of the groom’s last name with either initials or full first names appearing out to the side or above and below. Further modernization still might entail the usage of both the bride and groom’s last initials when the bride chooses to keep her maiden name. Jack Sprat and Jill Rebel then become JSRJ.


There are some great do-it-yourself design suites available online, but often couples prefer to hire a graphic design artist or add the design service to their order when they order their customized wedding favors and memorabilia from PENRUS.


When planning wedding reception décor and favors, you can use beautifully crafted custom monograms to personalize your wedding favors by placing the couple’s monogram on elegant custom pens, napkins, keepsake jewelry boxes, paper fans, mint tins, lighters, tote bags, shot glasses and more. In fact, the items that can be personalized as a keepsake are really only limited to the to the couples imagination.


Depending on the wedding budget, the same design that was used to create the couple’s monogram can be modified to create personalized monogrammed gifts for the bridal party. Some gift ideas include handkerchiefs, cufflinks, flasks, personalized pens and journals, shot glasses, wine glasses, tote bags and more.


When planning wedding gifts and especially favors to give your guests, monograms are an easy way to add an elegant, personal touch and buying in bulk quantities can save bundles of cash.


PENSRUS Pens ‘Marketing on a Budget’ with Affordable Promotional Products

October 10th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Marketing and advertising has never been so affordable and easy now that PENSRUS is offering amazing savings on personalized products suitable for tradeshow giveaways, gifts for coworkers, and every day use. PENSRUS, a mainstay in the promotional products industry and a leading distributor of marketing and advertising pens, is going public with their large selection of customizable inventory, which will save businesses large sums of money while increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

One popular promotional tool that customers constantly rave about are custom logo BIC Lighters. The double benefit offered by utilizing BIC lighters as a marketing strategy cannot be ignored, as they are useful to give away to customers and potential clients, but also increase the visibility of one’s brand when imprinted upon with one’s logo and contact information. Personalized BIC lighters are extremely affordable and are often borrowed, thus increasing the odds that one’s logo will be seen.

Priced as low as $1.10 a unit, marketers everywhere can rejoice knowing they don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a billboard ad that may go unnoticed or a print ad in a magazine that will be tossed away.

Another BIC product that advertisers can bring to tradeshows, gift to coworkers, or give to potential customers, is the BIC Circle Tote bag. With one of a kind oval, textured fabric, a front slip pocket, and customizable with unique artwork, this promotional giveaway ensures that one’s company stand out among the rest. Companies can implement personalized tote bags as their own personal, walking billboard. This is one promotional product that does not disappoint; both in terms of advertising and in budget.

PENSRUS is constantly offering savings on custom promotional products that customers love using and marketers love making. PENSRUS is proud to offer competitively low prices on all custom logo products, and is offering free ground shipping among a slew of other deals no setup fee and no imprint fee.

To view an entire listing of PENSRUS products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com

The Logic behind the Irrational Decision Making Process

October 8th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing

It’s commonly said that, for the most part, humans are a rational species and base decisions on logical thinking. When it comes to buying products and services, though, logic many times takes a back seat to emotions. Initial decision-making thought processing involves the reptilian part of our brain – the part of the brain most concerned with basic necessities such as food, water, safety, pleasure and avoidance of pain.

That doesn’t mean that all rational thinking goes out the door. As a marketer, though, you’ll want to understand that convincing someone to buy has much more to do with appealing to their emotions than to their fact-based reasoning side.

One of the best ways to leverage emotional appeal in your marketing is to distinguish between features and benefits. Features are things, benefits are feelings. Although we, as consumers, are looking to buy “things”, we want to make sure we’re satisfying a more underlying need – the need for approval or prestige, acceptance, safety, value and well-being.

A great example of emotion-based selling is Disney’s approach to their theme parks.  They do not market their theme parks as places with state-of-the-art rides – but instead promote these parks as a way as a magical place to build memories.

So, when you’re crafting your marketing, be sure that your primary selling points include emotion-power words such as: imagine, feel, safe, special, amazing and exclusive. And don’t forget to include an emotion packed tagline with your logo on all of your promotional products.

PENSRUS Pens Breast Cancer Awareness Sale with BIC Logo Products

October 2nd, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, the number one source for logo pens and logoed promotional products announced today their line of affordable pink personalized items in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These marketing pens are extremely customizable and can be imprinted upon to include a company’s logo and other information. As with all imprinted pens, free ground shipping is available for a limited time to quickly meet any marketer or business owner’s needs.


To help spread awareness for the disease that will affect 1 in 8 females worldwide, PENSRUS has unveiled a special pink line of logo office supplies. One of the many personalized items offered in pink and at a new low price is the BIC Clic Stic logo pen. When business owners order this advertising pen in pink, adorned with their logo, company name, and contact information, they are not only promoting the message of how important early detection is, but they are getting their company’s name out into the public along with their good message. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Clic Stic logoed pen from BIC is priced as low as $0.31 a unit. This ensures that companies both small and large each have the opportunity to take advantage of this exceptional sale.


Another tradeshow or giveaway pen business owners can utilize during the month of October is the Bic Clic Stic Ice. These fun, eye-catching, and youthful custom logo pens are the perfect symbols when relaying a message of beating cancer. Marketers may imprint their logo upon these bright writing instruments along with a message dedicated to the cause.Designs allow selections of many different colors for the barrel and trim, while imprinting of logos and corporate information is available in up to a wide array of different ink colors. These promotional pens can be customized and delivered to any location in the United States due to speedy delivery and excellent customer service.


This October, celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month and promote early detection and screening with a pink logo pen from BIC. These business pens will remain in circulation for many, many years due to their excellent quality and craftsmanship from BIC. The longer these custom logo pens remain in circulation, the longer a business’ message and logo is seen. Stick with the brand that comes with the guarantee-BIC.


For more information, and for a full listing of pink promotional items in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please visit www.PENSRUS.com

The Importance of Branding

September 19th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing

When you see the swoosh of the Nike logo, you think of running shoes. When you see the Facebook logo, you think of interacting on the world’s largest social network. When you see an apple with a bite taken out, you think of Apple’s many electronic products. Branding is defined as communicating your core message with your name, symbol or logo that identifies your product and company, and despite many marketer’s feelings a core part of successful companies marketing strategy.

Here are the common objections companies use explaining away their need for branding, followed by why their positions are wrong:

  1. We don’t the have name brand equity of a Nike or Apple so it’s not important for our target market to recognize us. The problem with this thinking is that many of their competitors are establishing name-recognition with their market through strategic branding tactics. This is diminishing the “marketing power” of the non-branding company.
  2. Branding won’t bring in any clients or direct sales. Although branding has a lesser impact on direct sales than other forms of marketing, studies have shown that the more touchpoints a market is exposed to with consistent branding and messaging, the higher likelihood that all forms of marketing from that organization will perform better.
  3. We don’t have the marketing budget to spend. Branding can be the one of the least expensive forms of marketing. For example, a company can purchase 250 personalized ink pens for less than $100.
  4. Even if we did brand, we wouldn’t be able to measure its impact on our sales. Although this generally can’t be disputed, it’s important to understand that assigning sales to specific marketing initiatives can be tricky when companies advertise through multiple channels. Many times, customers will see your marketing message in more than one place before making a purchase decision.

Based on the size of your company, the competitiveness of your industry and the nature of your target customer, we recommend allocating between 12% and 21% of your marketing budget to branding. And of course, a great place to start is with promotional products like custom pens, pencils, mugs, backpacks and other gifts.

Papermate Pens Sale on Tradeshow Giveaways at PENSRUS.com

September 12th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

During social gatherings and work events, a particularly common and popular giveaway to guests and attendees are logo pens. The reason for this is that imprinted pens are useful for many writing purposes, so companies commonly use these items as promotional corporate giveaways and freebies during occasions such as product launches, conventions, tradeshows, and conferences. PENSRUS, a top distributor of such imprinted and engraved pens, promotional pencils, and other advertising tools, is currently offering a sale on Papermate marketing pens fit for company giveaways.

Guests and customers alike relish the thought of receiving giveaways and perks while attending an event or conference; some even collect such promotional items from each event they attend. At PENSRUS.com, marketers and advertisers can customize Papermate advertising pens to advertise the company itself.  The Papermate Propel is one such pen, which comes in up to eleven fun, unique, and vibrant colors to call attention to the message it is displaying. This trendy ball pen has a unique cut-out grip design in eleven vibrant barrel colors in black or blue ink that are sure to steer your sales in the right direction. And it’s value-priced so you can easily put your message on the fast track. Drive your sales momentum to new heights with the Paper Mate Propel! It will satisfy your need for speed.

Papermate inexpensive pens can be custom made in a multitude of ways. One way is to choose a specific color for the body of the pen that matches the official color or colors of the company. Another way to personalize it is to print the company name, logo, and caption on the body of the pen.  The Papermate Plunge is one such promotional pen that customers and party guests will be eager to pick up. Priced at just $1.05 a unit when ordered in bulk, these personalized pens can also help build a company’s image and may help gain customers in the long run.

This Fall, check out the wide variety of Papermate business pens PENSRUS has to offer at PENSRUS.com. With no imprint fee, no setup fee, and free ground shipping, Papermate ink pens are advertising tools every marketer can count on to not break the bank.

Papermate Pens Spotlighted and Discounted at PENSRUS.com

September 6th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Papermate custom logo pens, owned by Sanford, and known for its unique two hearts logo, are now being offered at wildly discounted prices when ordered through PENSRUS.com. With over 50 years of experience providing advertisers and marketers imprinted and engraved pens, PENSRUS has become one of the world’s leading distributors of promotional products including company pens, pencils, sticky notes, and other specialty advertising items.

Papermate has been providing durable, elegant and sleek marketing pens and pencils for over 50 years and have proven extremely popular due to their high quality workmanship. Papermate ballpoint pens come equipped with a tungsten carbide ball that produces the most excellent writing experience, no matter how many times it has been used. Because Papermate offers a guarantee on all products, these discount pens are suitable for budgets large or small and are dependable for all occasions and writing needs.

A popular company pen utilized by marketers and individuals alike is the Write Bros stick pen, which was introduced in 1971. Today is still a favorite among those seeking greater brand exposure and individuals looking to commemorate weddings, reunions and other special events. The Papermate Write Bros. Stick Pen is great for personalization as it is available in 60 different color combinations. These personalized pens are colorful, traveling billboards for your logo, artwork or text message. Available at PENSRUS at a discounted price when ordered in bulk, this is one imprinted pen, which fits any budget.


Another popular pen now available at a cheaper price is the Papermate TriEdge ink pen. With three imprintable sides, advertisers can market their message awareness by repeating the same message on all thee sides for impact, or can choose different messages for each location in order to communication more with their customers.

As with all business pens right now, PENSRUS does not charge an imprint, setup or artwork fee, and for a limited time is offering free ground shipping on all promotional pens ordered from the PENSRUS web site.

PENSRUS Pens Customized Promotional Tradeshow Line with BIC

August 28th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

PENSRUS, a leading source for all marketing pens, advertising pens, and promotional products, has announced today the introduction of new BIC writing instruments tailored for those who take part in tradeshows and giveaways throughout the country. These special logo pens are perfect for every exhibitor’s needs including, garnering attention to their booth from the public, getting their message across, and providing potential customers with a top quality imprinted pen that will be used for years.

Tradeshows often include up to thousands of exhibitors at their events, and studies show that tradeshow attendance numbers are steadily climbing.  A free promotional pen is an excellent way for exhibitors who wish to not just connect with potential clients, but to stand out from the other booths at the event. Each tradeshow attendee who approaches a booth to take away free business pens provides that company with a window of opportunity to talk to them and possibly do business together.

A marketing pen is a cost-effective and efficient method for a company’s team to get their name out into the public in a manner that won’t break the bank. Personalized pens are often placed on the booth’s display table, handed out to passing by visitors, and can be included in gift bags.

PENSRUS is proud to offer a line of affordable BIC logo pens including the BIC Round Stic, BIC Grip Roller and BIC Clic Stic. Priced as low as $0.24 per unit, these BIC pens can fit into any company’s advertising budget.

Available in a multitude of colorful designs, each logo pen is completely customizable to get one’s message across. Imprinting of logos and hotel information is available in up to 28 different ink colors.

PENSRUS is now offering free ground shipping on all imprinted pens, along with free setup and free imprinting.

For more information on tradeshow pens from PENSRUS, please visit PENSRUS.com.

PENSRUS Pens ‘Back to School’ Sale on All Personalized Pencils

August 20th, 2012 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Summer is coming close to ending, which can mean only one thing-PENSRUS is back with their Back To School Sale on custom logo pencils, personalized pencils, and ever-popular BIC pencils. PENSRUS, which has been in the promotional products business for over 50 years, has helped thousands of companies world-wide achieve greater branding and advertising potential through the use of personalized pens and pencils, as well as custom notebooks, mouse pads, and more.

PENSRUS customers looking to catch widespread attention with a logo pen that sparkles and shines should look no further than the Foiled Foreman pencil from the PENSRUS Originals line. Available in fourteen sparkle, metallic, foiled, and swirl colors, these attention grabbing imprinted pencils are great giveaways marketers can implement into their advertising plan. Children, students, and adults alike will all want to use these promotional products in the classroom, during homework, or for recreational use. Now priced at just $0.28 a unit, every business owner hoping to improve business can afford these personalized pencils complete with five lines of imprinting options to include name, address, contact information and logo.

Another great deal PENSRUS is offering on back to school pencils are the Best Pencil Value logo pencils from BIC. The Best Pencil Value pencil is perfect for small businesses and retailers who are looking to get their name out there without spending a fortune on advertising efforts. Great as giveaways to students returning to school this fall, these imprinted pencils can bear a company logo and message to return to your store for their every needs. At new low prices of $0.14 a unit, advertising to a target audience has never been so inexpensive.

“Every year, we look forward to the PENSRUS ‘Back to School Sale’ and this week we are happy to spotlight our wide selection of logo pencils,” comments PENSRUS CEO Henry Morgan. “Custom logo pencils are great tools for back to school as they can be used in a variety of school subjects and we hope PENSRUS customers take advantage of our drastically slashed prices.”

New customers to the PENSRUS site, as well as valued returning customers can both benefit from the slash of prices on the PENSRUS ‘Back to School’ sale on personalized pencils. For more information, and for a full listing of back to school pencils, please visit PENSRUS.com.

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