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Parker Pens For Company Promotions

March 22nd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

When searching for the perfect promotional tool that will increase customer loyalty while advertising your company without spending your entire marketing budget, you need to look no further than the Parker Brand of Pens. Because these pens are highly customizable and have a sleek, modern look, your company’s name is sure to stand out among other competitors out there!

Parker’s Urban Pen is the perfect place to start when thinking about a promotion for your company that is cost efficient, yet effective. The pen is available in gel or roller, and comes in a multitude of black, chrome, or silver colors. The Urban pen redefines modern writing and reinvents the rules as it is a cool, new generation pen that possesses the perfect weight and balance due to its unconventional bullet shape. The Parker pen is designed to perform while engineered to impress. This is why the Urban pen is not only great as a promotional product, but is also perfect as a gift for that special someone in your life.

The Parker IM pen is a hot, new style at PENSRUS.com, and it’s eclectic style that is bursting with personality is perfect for adding a splash of modern sophistication to anyone’s business or company. The premium finish intertwines quicksilver and gunmetal tones on textured chiseling, which redefines modern luxury in a writing instrument. Because of its strong attention to detail, as well as its striking finish, the Parker IM is one of the most affordable luxury pens on the market. With prices as low as $8.34 a unit, your company is sure to stand out amongst its competitors.

Perhaps the most iconic and recognizable of all Parker personalized pens is the Jotter pen. With streamlined silhouettes and revamped with laser cut precision décor, the Jotter pen epitomizes the match made from heaven in terms of form and function. Featuring a chrome top, gift tube, retractable refill, these custom pens can be imprinted in various fonts, colors, and styles, ensuring that your company’s custom logo artwork is seen by customers and potential clients on a daily basis.

When choosing a custom logo pen that is perfect for your company, think of the message you want to send to potential customers and loyal clients. With the Parker line of pens, your company is represented in a modern and fashionable way that won’t cost you an arm and leg!

For more information on Parker pens and to view the entire Parker collection, please visit www.PENSRUS.com.

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