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PENSRUS Offering Wide Selection of Father’s Day Gifts

May 4th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

This month, PENSRUS, a leading distributor of promotional products, engraved and imprinted pens, and other specialty advertising instruments, is celebrating Father’s Day this year by offering a wide selection of personalized gifts perfect for the father figure in your life. Engraved pens have consistently been a popular choice in gifts for Father’s Day, and now at PENSRUS, there are many unique, stylish, and elegant choices to choose from.

The Waterman Pen Company is one of the few remaining first-generation pen companies, and the brand has successfully marries design, innovation, and excellence in the form of an engraved pen. PENSRUS is proud to offer many different styles of Waterman pens, and perhaps the most special Waterman pen, perfect for Father’s Day is the Waterman Expert Ball Pen. The expression and innovation of this luxury pen blends color and prestigious materials with a vibrant, distinctive style. The father in your life will love this pen engraved with his name, a special message, and a commemorative date.

Another popular choice for dad can be found in the Sheaffer line of custom pens. Because of the attention to detail, durable workmanship, and superior engraving, this particular line of personalized pens offers value and style for those who want to commemorate a special occasion. The Sheaffer Prelude Laquer and Matte Roller Ball is an excellent Father’s Day gift that boasts a classic Sheaffer beauty form, luxury gift box, and a black lacque finish.

“At PENSRUS, the Waterman brand and Sheaffer brands have consistently been the top choice for gifts and our customers consistently rave that their engravedn pens are the most elegant and inventive writing instruments in the world today”, comments PENSRUS CEO, Henry Morgan.

Each of these engraved pens has such an attention to detail, that they make the perfect gift for virtually anyone to enjoy. Personalized pens can be used on a daily basis and can act as a constant reminder of those who love them.

Discover the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Waterman and Sheaffer brand of personalized pens today and are excellent when given as gifts. There is no better Father’s Day present than the gift of a top-notch personalized, engraved pen.

For a full listing of Sheaffer and Waterman products, as well other high quality personalized products, please visit www.PENSRUS.com

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