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Promoting Your Business With Custom Imprinted Magnets

June 16th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

If you are a business professional who has run out of ways to promote your company without spending a large sum of money, or if you are trying to increase brand awareness and loyalty with a fun, inventive product that has a high return on investment, there is a perfect promotional product just for you.

While many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on pricey television commercials or expensive billboard ads, both of which often go unnoticed, custom magnets offer all the benefits of traditional advertising, with the promise of lower costs and increased visibility.

Available in a wide variety of styles, these giveaways are a favorite among doctors, restaurants, dentists, handymen, and real estate agents worldwide. This summer, marketers are sure to find extreme savings on all sorts of custom magnets including unique shapes, useful calendars, and even write-on dry erase magnets.

Custom shape magnets have consistently been a favorite giveaway among customers as their fun and inventive shapes stand out among other boring and dull advertising efforts. Marketers can choose a stock background or choose to create their own custom design. Often priced as low as $0.28 a unit these magnets come in a wide variety of thicknesses and shapes including business cards, hearts, cars, and more. Imprinted upon with your company’s logo and contact information, your information is seen by loyal customers and potential clients daily.

Another customer favorite among magnets is the ever-popular Calendar Magnet. These promotional tools are extremely useful as advertising agents because they can relay your business information while your customer or potential client gets use out of its scheduling capabilities. With prices so low, any company large or small has the opportunity to see how this particular giveaway represents an advertisement that truly never ceases.

Perhaps the most unique custom magnet is the Dry Erase Magnet. Whether a client is jotting down phone messages or writing out a grocery list, your business’ message with always be seen and heard, loud and clear. When giving this magnet to a customer or employee, it shows that you care, and ensures that your company is always in the subconscious. Customer will know where and how to contact you when your service or item is needed.

Promotional pens are no longer the only marketing tools that businesses can implement to improve branding and customer awareness. Custom imprinted magnets are inexpensive, fun, and effective when trying to reach customers in their every day lives.

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