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Promotional Products Increase Involvement

April 3rd, 2013 Posted in Promotional Products

Promotional Products for AwarenessUsing Promotional Products Helps Create Awareness and Motivates Participation


Many programs, organizations and institutions use promotional products to increase awareness of their brand and role. In fact, the use of such items is, for many, one of the main ways that they spread word the word about their organization. After all, if nobody knows that they exist or what they do, then they are unlikely to succeed.


Of course leaflets and flyers, as well as digital advertising, will grow awareness. However, in the days of social proof, having members, students and users actually carrying, wearing or using a branded promotional products, is a far more effective way of increasing awareness of your program, institution or course.


Judicial choice of both the promotional items you use, as well as offering free items in addition to purchasable items, will maximize both exposure opportunities and return on investment. They are a smart investment in your brand.


Some police departments in the U.S. have begun to hand out promotional ice scrapers during traffic stops. They believe that this increases awareness of safety when driving, provides an item of use to the vehicle owner and enhances community relations.


Education districts often run awareness programs such as healthy living or parenting skills. To increase awareness of the programs that they run, and to increase attendance, they have found that providing useful promotional products is essential. By giving parents a bag, pen and pad all branded with the logo, slogan and contact details, awareness has increased. This has resulted in greater attendance at events and meetings. The websites also receive more visitors who then access more information and resources. One organizer reported that parents also contact them by telephone for information. Some parents even request more bags to hand to friends and family.


Many organizations will choose to invest in clothing such as t-shirts and fleeces. These can be incredibly effective promotional tools, as providing quality clothing for sale that is branded with your details will promote your organizations name each time the item of clothing is worn. Clothing also has another effect in that it strengthens your brand in your community and builds a sense of membership.


If you wish to increase involvement then choosing a promotional products that will provide social proof and build a sense of community is ideal. The return on investment will be worth the initial expenditure.



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