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Summer Inspired Giveaways Are the Perfect Promotional Product

May 11th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

With Memorial Day coming up within the next few weeks and summer quickly approaching, there is no better time to consider how your company could implement new, summer-inspired products as an ideal promotional giveaway to cement your brand into the mind’s of customers and potential clients. Items such as custom Bic Lighters, personalized bottle/can openers, and custom logo coolers are now hotter than ever and make your brand stand out among the rest.

Custom lighters can be used for many every day purposes, and with summer nearing, potential clients and loyal customers can use lighters imprinted with a corporate logo to light barbecues, lanterns, and even tiki torches. With an estimated life expectancy around 3,000 lights, these personalized products will continue to advertise a company’s logo and contact information for an extremely long time.

Personalized bottle and can openers have also proven to be a favorite giveaway among adults, and can be customized in many different colors, ensuring that one’s brand stands out. Customers will love these fun and useful giveaways and will get much use out of them for the upcoming summer holidays.

During the warmer seasons, sales of summer-themed promotional items seem to spike, with many promotional product companies offering deals and savings on these special products. Custom logo coolers are another giveaway perfect for packing drinks or picnics to the beach. Customers and employees can both get a lot of use out of these products while increasing brand awareness. Customizable to relay your company’s logo and message, it ensures your message is heard to not only those using the cooler, but to others who are in the vicinity.

Stand out this Memorial Day by implementing summer inspired personalized giveaways and see the results you’ve been looking for, today.

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