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The Benefits of Promotional Items

March 12th, 2013 Posted in Promotional Products

Should Your Business Be Using Promotional Items?

Benefits of Using Promotional Items


Promotional items such as mugs, pens, USB drives, to name only a few, are the perfect way to benefit your business and build your brand and increase its exposure and reach.


Regardless of the promotional item you choose to use, it will increase the reach of your company and your brand. Each time the lucky recipient uses that promotional pen, for instance, your company will be instantly at the forefront of their mind. It will also be visible to anyone else in their vicinity and may well spark a discussion about how, why and where the person received the pen or other promotional gift. The conversation may well continue with a discussion of the products or services that your company offers.


If you have given your company’s promotional items away at an event, such as a trade show, your company’s name will continue to be seen and mentioned long after that event has finished. Unlike flyers and brochures, which are often only looked at once and then thrown away, a pen, USB stick, cap or mug will be used and be visible for a much longer period. This means that any expenditure on the promotional gifts will have a good return on investment.


Any gifts that you give to prospective, or existing, clients and customers should be high quality and functional. By purchasing high quality gifts you will be known for providing quality and this perception will extend to the goods and services you offer. High quality gifts will be valued more highly by the recipient so they will be more inclined to use them or to show them off to their colleagues and friends. This can substantially increase the chances of gaining new business.

Ensure Results From Your Use of Promotional Gifts


Your choice of product to use as a promotional item may depend on the industry you are in, as well as your budget.


What should guide you in choice, though, is not just value for money but quality. It is pointless spending less on a poor quality item that will break as soon as it is used because it will be thrown away; even worse, your company will be perceived as one that does not care about quality.  Once the product has broken it loses any impact, creates a poor impression in the recipient and loses the chance of promoting your company in the future.


Another important consideration when choosing a promotional item is the purpose of your promotional efforts. If you are choosing an item to give away at an event then you will probably want to choose an item with a long shelf life so that any products not given away can be stored for later use. Items without specific dates or event names on them can be used at multiple events as well as be given away in between events whenever the opportunity arises.


Remember to include your company name as well as logo, web address and telephone number if space permits. The use of your company name and logo will ensure that they are easily visible to the recipient and anyone who sees your gift. By providing your website URL and/or your phone number you are making it easier for them to find you and get in touch.


Another important consideration will be cost. It is often more cost effective to order in larger quantities providing the promotional item you are choosing has no “expiration date” or time limitations for its use.


With the wide range of promotional items available you should have no trouble finding at least one that will suit your needs and budget. Any investment in these items will be well worth it, as they will provide you with a source of passive advertising. Choose a high quality and useful item that the recipient will be likely to use multiple times per day, and especially in front of others, and you will be advertising to a wider audience than you imagined with virtually no effort and minimal cost.

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