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If you want your company's name to become a household word, it only makes sense to do so through a household item. People in every line of work and lifestyle use pens on a daily basis. If you can get your business logo on a quality pen, it's a great shortcut to getting your business name out there.

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PENSRUS offers competitive product prices and shipping rates on pens in a very wide variety of styles, colors and prices. Log onto to begin the easy process of utilizing these personalized pens for the benefit of your business. If you want to put your business logo on hundreds of pens to hand out at a fair or seminar, try searching by price. If you'd like to gift your best clients with an extraordinary writing tool, PENSRUS can help you with that, too.

Business Logo Pens Are Easy to Purchase
Take the time to browse PENSRUS's extensive collection of quality pens for your ideal product. Your business logo can reside on pens made by Parker, BIC and Paper Mate. Choose colors to complement your business logo and add fun features such as a built-in caribiner clip for outdoor enthusiasts or even light-up pens, perfect for jotting things down in the dark.

Place your order by following the prompts on or by calling toll-free at 1-800-PENSRUS. You can also place your order 24 hours a day by fax (1-866-PENSRUS). Your order will be processed the following business day. Enjoy your quality business logo pens and watch your business grow with PENSRUS!



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