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Cheap pens make perfect business giveaway items. Corporate logo pens do not have to be expensive to make an impression on customers. BIC and Paper Mate stick pens and retractable ballpoints are functional, useful corporate giveaways, especially if the imprinting contains information that will increase brand awareness.

When deciding what to imprint on cheap pens, there are a few considerations. First of all, is the company's logo recognizable? If the company's logo or artistic presence is immediately associated with its products and services, it is important to include the logo in the personalization.

The second most important thing to include on most cheap pens is the URL of the company website.. If the business has an established, online presence, it is critical to include the website information on promotional products and merchandise, especially for businesses conducting e-commerce.

Businesses that are known for catchy slogans, missions or jingles should also consider printing them on corporate merchandise. Whether economical or expensive, promotional items work best when they jog the memory of their users, reminding them of a company's product line or philosophies.

PENSRUS Provides Businesses with Quality Cheap Pens and Merchandise

Realizing that most businesses don't have endless marketing budgets, PENSRUS carries a variety of economically priced pens, pencils and other items that can be imprinted with company logos, websites and phone numbers. Boasting brand names like Sharpie, Paper Mate, BIC and Waterman, PENSRUS is a reliable supplier of custom promotional products. The company can be reached via email or by phone at 1-800-PENSRUS.



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