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Cheap personalized pens come in many forms. You'll want to keep the one given to you at your college reunion with your alma mater's name and mascot printed on it in your school's colors. You might be given one at your local hardware store that has been customized with the store's name and phone number, making it easy to contact the store the next time you need to know if they have something in stock. If you're lucky, you'll get a quality pen as a gift from your employer, personalized with your hire date or a personal thank you.

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Personalized pens have long been used as a classy way to commemorate important events or to promote businesses inexpensively and effectively. You can buy cheap, long-lasting personalized pens for your business or event, too. The first step is finding a company to purchase cheap pens from that you can trust.

Trust PENSRUS for Cheap Personalized Pens and Fast Delivery
PENSRUS offers a wide array of pens that you can have personalized and delivered to your door easily and on the cheap! Simply peruse the pens available at and choose the one that's right for you. For a memorable, personalized gift, consider the sophisticated Waterman Carene Lacquer Ball Point Pen. PENSRUS offers this pen for prices up to 50 percent off what other websites charge.

PENSRUS also offers cheap personalized pens in bulk, such as BIC's popular Round Stic pens for just 24 cents each. You can also get volume discounts and weekly deals at You can also reach PENSRUS by phone at 1-800-PENSRUS or by fax at 1-866-PENSRUS for personalized support and shopping convenience.



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