Cheap Promo Pens

Corporate pens, pencils and other advertising gear are effective ways to market a new business or non-profit organization. Pens are especially popular promotional choices since they are cheap, used daily and small enough to pass around to others. Some styles start as low as 20 cents each, making them economical enough to purchase in large quantities for distribution at a corporate office, trade show or exhibition.

Corporate Pen Styles

For those on a shoestring advertising budget, stick pens are the cheapest option. Available in mix-and-match colors for caps and barrels, stick styles also have ample room for adding personalization or logos. Corporate twist pens are also available in inexpensive styles, designed with a twist mechanism to reveal and hide the writing tip. Generally seen in solid colors with a contrasting logo, twist pens are a bit more elegant than stick designs. The most popular corporate pen type is retractable, holding favor mainly because it can be operated with one hand and there is no cap to lose. Available in grip sizes ranging from small to jumbo, retractable pens generally come with a clip, so they can attach to clothing or notebooks.

While ballpoints used to be the promotional standard, rollerballs and gel rollers have become popular, often writing smoother with less applied pressure. Starting at 65 cents through some distributors, roller balls and gel styles are priced competitively for businesses that wish to deviate from ballpoint designs. PENSRUS sells a variety of stick, twist and retractable styles in ballpoint, rollerball and gel tips. Call 1-800-PENSRUS or email for information about inexpensive corporate items that make simple, effective marketing tools for current and prospective customers.