Corporate Gift Pens

Luxury corporate pens make good gifts for loyal customers. When distributed with a custom imprint of a company's name and business message, premium custom writing instruments can promote a company effectively for years to come.

There is nothing more rewarding for a marketer than to discover that a promo item, like a high-quality pen, is a hit with customers. When business owners and marketing specialists select a gift that is used long term by existing and prospective clients, they have achieved a new level of brand awareness. Whether clients are aware or not, they will recall a company's products or services each time they use the company's marketing item.

Corporate gift pens come in fountain, rollerball, gel tip and ballpoint varieties. Fountain designs are the most elegant of the products, often given for retirements and employee anniversaries. Ballpoint, rollerball and gel-tip designs cost less, but come in gold- and silver-plated barrel designs that can be engraved with corporate logos and employee or customer names.

PENSRUS Carries Corporate Gift Pens and Other Imprinted Merchandise

PENSRUS is a supplier of fine writing instruments, quality ballpoints and elegant pen and pencil sets. Recognizing the value of sharing corporate gifts with loyal customers, PENSRUS offers discounts on items ordered in bulk. Visit the company's gift shop for an online catalog of corporate giveaways, or call 1-800-PENSRUS for product or delivery information. Qualified customer service representatives can also be emailed at