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Corporate Pens from BIC

Original Corporate Pens - New Styles

Corporate Pens

Corporate pens and pencils make good trade show giveaways and can be engraved or imprinted with a variety of business information like logos, websites and slogans. Depending upon the marketing need and the company's budget, there are several pen designs that can be personalized.

Corporate Pen Types

The following corporate pens are available for imprinting:

  1. Ballpoints: The cheapest pen style, imprinted ballpoints have viscous ink that lasts for up to two years. With retractable styles, cartridges can be replaced, making them economical and reusable.
  2. Rollerballs: Preferred for their liquid ink, rollerballs write smoothly with little pressure. Quality corporate styles come with fast-drying ink, reducing the chances of document smearing.
  3. Gel tips: Good for creative endeavors, custom gels come in a wide variety of vibrant colors that work well on dark or light paper. The downside to gel tips is that the ink dries up quickly, reducing a corporate pen's shelf life.
  4. Fountain pens: Considered a luxury pen, fountain styles are used by calligraphers and people who enjoy the art of the written word. Fountain nibs are flexible, and cartridges are filled with liquid ink. Tips must be cleaned occasionally to prevent ink buildup.

PENSRUS stocks a variety of corporate ballpoints, rollerballs, gel tips and pencils, catering to a range of budgets and personalization preferences. Customers can also order other engraved or imprinted promotional items through PENSRUS when they call 1-800-PENSRUS or email a sales rep. The online retailer guarantees delivery of defect-free corporate products and offers a secure online ordering service.Businesses can peruse the company's online gift shop to select corporate pens appropriate for trade show giveaways, customer loyalty items or employee appreciation gifts.



Penny Pincher Corporate Pens

Customixed Bic Corporate Pens

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