Corporate Promotional Items

Business pens and other corporate promotional items are used by marketers for many reasons. Most of the time, the marketer's overall goal is to increase brand awareness and capture the interest of prospective clients while maintaining the interest of existing clients. Promotional freebies help marketing teams reinforce corporate messages and keep business contact information in front of customers at all times.

Selecting Corporate Promotional Items

Before buying corporate logo products in bulk, it's important to look for items that will remain functional for an extensive time period. Paper Mate pens, pencils, Sharpies and note cubes are practical giveaways that remain useful on a daily basis, reminding customers of a company's brand or message each time they use them. While many promo items are inexpensive, it is important to consider their quality before purchasing. Items that break quickly, pens that leak onto a customer's clothing or hats that do not fit properly will reflect poorly on a company's image.

Corporate promo items like pens come in many colors and designs and can be creatively personalized with business logos and messages. When marketing with business pens, owners can choose from BIC, Paper Mate, Uniball, Sharpie and Parker. Luxury rollerballs and pen/pencil sets make nice gifts for retiring employees and loyal customers.

PENSRUS stocks hundreds of pens, pencils, highlighters and markers that can be personalized in bulk and small quantities. Selected items can be imprinted or engraved with contact information and company artwork for a small set-up fee. Companies, churches and schools will find dozens of products that complement their marketing images when they visit the PENSRUS website, call 1-800-PENSRUS or email product specialists at