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Recognizing your company's valued employees is important. Whether it's a pat on a back for a job well done or kudos for years of dedicated service, employee gifts can boost morale amongst your workers, and serve as incentive for them to give their best to your company. Custom engraved pens are a wonderful way to show your employees that their efforts are needed and appreciated.

These pens can be engraved with messages customized for each deserving employee, written to reflect his or her contributions. The message is important--it should be simple, yet personal and heartfelt. But the pens are equally important. Inexpensive plastic pens will not convey the right message. Each pen should reflect the esteem with which you hold your employees.

Tasteful Custom Engraved Pens

Your search for the right custom engraved pens begins and ends with PENSRUS. They offer a bevy of fine pens providing the sort of tastefulness that shows your employees you care enough to splurge on their rewards. A great example of this is the Executuve Rosewood Set, from the PENSRUS Originals Collection. This set features a ballpoint, a pencil and a rollerball pen made of genuine rosewood, enclosed in a velvet-lined gift box with a magnetic lock.

Learn more about what PENSRUS has to offer. Call 1-800-PENSRUS to speak with a product specialist, or email your inquiry to Live operators are on call to assist you 22 hours a day. Show your employees how much you value their efforts with splendid custom engraved pens from PENSRUS.


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