Custom Imprinted Promotional Products

Custom-imprinted promotional products can be used in a variety of ways to catch a potential customer's attention.

Creative Uses for Custom-Imprinted Promotional Products and Logo Merchandise

  1. Pass out shirts, hats or visors--embroidered with the company's logo--to all employees and managers. Encourage them to wear them when they are away from the office in order to improve brand awareness.
  2. Donate a variety of custom-imprinted merchandise to an auction or charity event.
  3. Create imprinted promo products to commemorate special events like company anniversaries, and hand them out to employees or loyal customers.
  4. Host a company open house, inviting community members to visit a showroom, office or warehouse for a tour. Give attendees a commemorative giveaway with the business name, logo and phone number.
  5. Find promotional products that fit the company's niche. Sporting goods stores might want to pass out water bottles or Frisbees while massage therapists could market their business with imprinted stress balls or small, hand-held massagers.
  6. Bundle promotional products when multiple items are purchased, encouraging customers to buy more to receive imprinted prizes or rewards.

PENSRUS Carries Imprinted Paper Mate and BIC Pens and Sharpie Markers

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