Custom Pens

Custom pens make effective trade show giveaways, but marketers must choose from several different styles--based upon preferences and budget--when ordering these promotional products.

Custom Pen Types

The following types of pens are available:

  1. Ballpoints: The least expensive design, ballpoints do not require maintenance and are easy to use. Ink is thick, and cartridge life is typically one to two years when a quality brand is purchased. Ballpoints come in stick (cap-on) styles and retractables.
  2. Rollerballs: One step closer to a fountain pen, rollerballs are designed with ink that is liquid rather than viscous. Printed rollerballs tend to write smoothly with less pressure than a ballpoint requires.
  3. Gel tips: Custom gels are available in rich, bright ink colors because the ink holds pigment well. More viscous than a rollerball, gel ink writes smoothly, but it has a short shelf life of only three to six weeks when used every day.
  4. Fountain Pens: The most expensive of the pens, fountain designs are often selected by people who enjoy the process of putting pen to paper. The flexible nib and liquid ink allow for more expression in handwriting, but the implements require care to maintain.

PENSRUS carries hundreds of custom ballpoints, rollerballs, gel tips, fountain pens and pencils in many price ranges and styles. Customers can order BIC, Paper Mate, Parker and Waterman pens and pencils through the online retailer, with PENSRUS guaranteeing that all of its writing instruments are delivered free from mechanical defects. Visit the PENSRUS gift shop to view its variety of promotional products for trade shows, business gifts and personal use. Email a sales rep, or call the company at 1-800-PENSRUS for more information.