Custom Printed Pencils

Custom personalized pencils and pens offer an inexpensive way to catch a customer's attention. Starting at about a quarter each, imprinted pencils can be used in a variety of ways to encourage brand loyalty.

Creative Ways to Use Personalized Pencils for Marketing

You can use personalized pencils in the following ways:

  1. Tuck a personalized pencil into mailings. Portable enough to send economically, writing implements add dimension to envelopes. They can also be packaged creatively to draw even more interest upon arrival.
  2. Send out free writing instruments imprinted with a corporate logo as a back-to-school promotion. High school and college students aren't likely to turn down free school supplies, so the logo item will be used and circulated.
  3. Order personalized pencils with a foil or fuzzy finish that makes them stand out from the competition.
  4. Tie a small bunch of pencils together with a colorful ribbon and give them to regular clients. Encourage them to share the promos, endorsing your company when they do.
  5. Attach a coupon to each personalized giveaway, offering new customers a two-for-one product or discounted service.
  6. Order printed mechanical pencils instead of standard wood styles. Include a container of replacement lead to encourage the item's reuse.

PENSRUS is an online promotional retailer that sells and personalizes bulk quantities of pencils, pens and Sharpie markers for businesses and individuals. With a unique search engine that allows customers to shop on a budget, PENSRUS offers discount pricing for bulk orders. Guaranteeing that its printed products are free from mechanical defects, the company believes that happy customers are repeat customers. Clients can order their merchandise by phone at 1-800-PENSRUS or by emailing an account representative.