Custom Quotes and Samples Requests

We offer a full array of promotional products from the leading manufacturers across the USA including bags, packs, lighters, backpacks, note pads, jotters and portfolios as well as seasonal items like calendars. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for in our store, please contact one of our product specialists, or use this form, and someone will work with you to find the perfect item for your project.

This service is provided as a means for qualified customers to receive samples of our products for review prior to purchase decisions. Because of the potential for abuse, we reserve the right to determine, based solely upon our discretion, whether a submitted request will be honored.

Samples are not available for Waterman or other fine pen brands.

Click Here if you are you interested in purchasing a Deluxe PENSRUS sampler kit for only $24.95, featuring 12 of our best selling items - please contact our Sales Consultants after placing your order so that we may put together the perfect sample package for your needs.

Purchase price is completely refunded with initial $250.00 or more purchase. NY state residents will also be charged sales tax.

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