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So you want a discount Waterman pen. Who doesn't? Known for quality, luxury and style, Waterman is a popular brand for both sophisticated gifts and a bit of self-indulgence. If you're a Waterman writer on a BIC budget, there's still hope! Discount Waterman pens can be found more easily than you think.

Click Here for Discount Waterman Pens!

Maybe it isn't even the high price of Waterman products, but the difficulty in obtaining them that keeps you from your purchase. If you go directly through Waterman, you can only purchase their pens at Waterman stores, and there may not even be one near you. That's why Waterman offers discount pens through PENSRUS, the Web's reputable stationery merchant.

Order Your Discount Waterman Pens Today
PENSRUS brings Waterman to your front door with an interactive, easy-to-use website. You can peruse discount Waterman pens as well as other quality brands, take advantage of seasonal deals, and even customize pens with names, dates, company logos and more. These classy pens make great corporate gifts and also convey a sense of professionalism and success--perfect for branding your company in the best light. Best of all, PENSRUS makes it easy to take advantage of the benefits of Waterman pens!

Choose from popular Waterman models such as the Hemisphere Stainless GT Ball Pen or Expert Fountain Pen. Select your style, choose any embellishments or personalized features, then place your order through PENSRUS's secure server, by phone (1-800-PENSRUS) or 24 hours a day by fax (1-866-PENSRUS). Your order will be shipped the next business day, so you can get writing immediately!


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