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Everyone knows BIC makes quality products. In fact, you probably have some lying around your house. BIC is a name that represents reliable, long-lasting, useful tools. All companies should be so lucky to have that reputation. By associating your business with BIC, you can achieve that reputation while reaching a wide audience of prospective customers.

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By having BIC pens imprinted with your company's name, phone number and other information, you're qualifying your business to compete with its local peers in a simple but effective way. You can hand them out at seminars or job fairs, or use them in any other marketing strategy you have in place. They make great gifts, too.

Imprinted BIC Pens Are Just a Click Away
Once you decide to catapult your business to success with imprinted BIC pens, you have to decide where to purchase them. You can buy BIC products from a range of stores and merchants, but you need fast, reliable service that's customized to your needs. As well, it might be most efficient for you to choose and design your pens from the comfort of your own home or office through PENSRUS.

PENSRUS offers a wide range of pens and other writing utensils made by trusted brands such as Waterman, Paper Mate, and of course, BIC. You can search by style, price or a number of other criteria. Once you find the perfect pen, you can call your order in to 1-800-PENSRUS or complete your order online; your custom imprinted BIC pens will arrive at your door in a matter of days. For maximum convenience, you can also reach PENSRUS 24 hours a day at 1-866-PENSRUS.



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