Marketing Pens

Distributing marketing pens and personalized items is an easy, economical way to build a new business or promote an existing one. Providing promotional clothing, writing implements, notepads, keychains and tote bags to customers keeps the company name and contact information in front of them while offering a gesture of goodwill. Personalized marketing products work as functional business cards, reminding clients about a business each time they use a pen, pencil, calculator or flashlight.

If imprinting costs are an issue, blank promo pens and other items can also be purchased in bulk. Personalized stickers or screen printing with contact information or company logos can then be applied by business owners before items are distributed to clients, employees or prospective customers. Some personalization companies, however, include printing for free with a minimum purchase, making it simpler and faster to have logos and company marketing info applied at the time of ordering.

When distributing bulk items like pens, pencils or magnets, consider giving two or more to each customer. Customers can refer friends by passing along the extra promo product. Remember, business growth involves marketing to loyal customers who will spread the word to their friends and colleagues.

Order Marketing Pens and Other Promotional Products through PENSRUS

Business owners who need a supply of blank or personalized promo products will find a wide variety of pens, pencils, baseball caps, desk accessories, water bottles and other items at PENSRUS. Offering secure online, fax or mail ordering, PENSRUS can also ship via rush service for customers with last-minute gift and advertising needs. Email a customer service representative or call 1-800-PENSRUS for questions about product specifics.