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At last, Papermate PHD pens let you give a corporate gift that people won't shrug over. You've probably received promotional pens yourself that weren't much of a gift or weren't even worth using. Papermate PHDs erase that possibility by providing a quality ballpoint pen, PDA stylus and mechanical pencil in one stylish unit. No wider than a normal wide-body pen, the PHD puts it all together without sacrificing writing comfort or looks.

Both pen and pencil options are medium point and refillable with black ink or number 2 lead. Even if this was all the Papermate PHD had to offer, you'd probably be satisfied. There's no need for switching writing tools, no sharpening pencils and no ink slip-ups with Lubriglide cartridges. Throw in the electronic organizer stylus and you just might save some professional's day. This lovely multifunction writing instrument comes packaged in its own gift box.

The Papermate PHD Pen, a Generous Gift

Let them know where this thoughtful gift came from with PENSRUS custom imprinting. Silk-screen your company name, location, web info or other message in up to 4 lines around the barrel of the Papermate PHD. This great-looking pen really showcases your brand. Add a logo for just a few cents per unit. PENSRUS goes out of their way to offer you wide choices in text color and font, and will even custom mix a special color for you at a nominal fee.

Choose the Cadillac of gift pens that says so much about your business. The Papermate PHD lets your clients know you're thinking of them. Call 1.800.PENSRUS or email info@pensrus.com today.


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