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Everyone loves a Parker Jotter Pen, with its slim profile and just enough added weight to add “oomph” to your writing. Order and customize these sophisticated pens in lots of 100, or as many as you like. These effective advertising machines may actually pay for themselves in revenue that is returned to you from appreciative customers and clients. PENSRUS invites you to take advantage of this easy and upscale gift giving option that subtly promotes your business image.

Placing your company name and logo on an inexpensive gift can be a trap if the merchandise doesn't command respect. Everyone recognizes the quality of Parker pens, and the Jotter allows you to promote your business in its best light. Use logo art or text at no additional charge to associate your image with the respected Parker name. Wrap it all up in its own, prepackaged gift tube.

Parker Jotter Pens, Small Investment, Big Promo Pay-off

The relatively low price of these chrome-topped pens may hide some of the benefits of advertising with them. Longwearing, refillable ballpoint pens may become staples in offices, briefcases or purses for years, allowing your investment to reap ongoing benefits. A medium point and quality black ink make these Parker Jotters universally useful in a multitude of settings.

No matter where you or your clients display your fully customized Parker Jotter pens, they'll look terrific. Pick the barrel color and font you like or that corresponds to your branding items. For more info, call or email 1.800.PENSRUS or info@pensrus.com today.


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