Personalized Ballpoint Pens

Personalized ballpoint pens are economical marketing products that date back to 1888, when the first patent was issued. The initial attempts at a ballpoint design had many problems, so it was not marketed commercially until Laszlo Biro patented his invention in the 1930s. A newspaper editor, Biro tired of filling his fountain pen and waiting for the ink to dry. Initially sold in Argentina, a premium iteration of Biro's idea didn't hit United States department stores until 1945.

In the 1960s, a twist on the ballpoint was developed. Space pens, later used by NASA engineers, were designed to write in zero-gravity environments because of their pressurized ink reservoirs. These zero-gravity designs are still used today and can write while underwater, upside down, and at any angle.

Marketing with Personalized Ballpoint Pens

Among the most popular personalized items are writing instruments that are designed to catch the eye of users each time they jot a note. Companies can have logos, slogans, websites and phone numbers imprinted on these marketing vehicles, which are inexpensive when purchased in bulk quantities. Personalized ballpoints can be inserted in direct-mail pieces, handed out at industry exhibitions and placed in office lobbies. Since there is a universal need for writing implements, pens offer a functional, portable way of promoting a product or service.

PENSRUS sells premium marketing tools like ballpoints, mechanical pencils, Sharpie permanent markers and highlighters. When personalized with business contact information, PENSRUS promotional items catch the attention of new and existing customers, encouraging them to maintain company loyalty. Businesses can personalize items like ballpoint pens and Sharpie twin tips with logo artwork when they call 1-800-PENSRUS or email a representative.