Personalized Ink Pens

Personalized promotional ink pens are traveling advertisements, reminding users of a company's name and message each time they make a list or take a phone message. Small business owners should not underestimate the value of promotional items in marketing their growing companies or organizations.

Promo items like ballpoint pens, pencils, highlighters and Sharpies tend to have a multiplier marketing effect. Not only are they used and seen by their owner, but they are also borrowed and shared, spreading their imprinted messages to many potential customers during short periods of time. Everyone has a need for writing instruments, making them functional, personalized ways to share information.

For small businesses, simple things like personalized pencils, ballpoints, key lights and magnets are relatively inexpensive, and their value in attracting potential customers usually offsets their cost. Startup company owners should avoid overspending on larger promotional items, however, when they can make an advertising splash with smaller, portable gifts. Also, while items are cheaper when purchased in bulk, it is not advisable to purchase an excess of items, especially when contact information and slogans may change over time.

PENSRUS Offers a Huge Inventory of Personalized Pens and Other Promotional Items

Startup business owners will find an economical advertising value when they purchase personalized promo items from PENSRUS. Specializing in pens and pencils of all kinds, PENSRUS carries name brands like BIC, Paper Mate, Parker, Waterman, Sharpie and Uniball. Marketers can choose from hundreds of designs, pen grip sizes and ink types and upload logo artwork for imprinting. Email a sales rep or call 1-800-PENSRUS for product customization info.