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Buying in bulk is the only way to go when shopping for personalized pens. Perhaps the most accurate way to view this purchase is not so much as an expense, but as an investment. The money that you spend on personalized pens today can result in big gains for the visibility and success of your company tomorrow.

The more pens you buy and distribute, the greater your potential exposure. PENSRUS offers deals on personalized pens that makes buying in bulk a great deal, no matter how you look at it. Those who buy in large amounts from PENSRUS are able to realize discounts of 10 percent or more on the company's already low-priced selection of pens.

Personalized Pens: Bulk Shopping for Cost Savings

Take, for example, the Unity Contoured Click pen, from the Pride collection. Available in red, black, green and blue, this is a stunning pen, set off by a sleek gold-banded grip area. Available at an unbeatable price, the minimum order for this beauty is 100 units. However, purchase 2,500 or more of these incredible pens, and you'll receive an even steeper discount.

At PENSRUS, the bigger the bulk order, the better the value. The company offers a wide selection of offerings, ranging from casual, everyday ballpoints to genteel, special-occasion fountain pens. Select the pen that best captures the essence of your company. Contact PENSRUS by phone at 1-800-PENSRUS or by fax at 1-866-PENSRUS, to learn more.


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