Personalized Pens

Personalized pens provide a special touch for weddings, reunions, trade shows, birthdays and many other occasions, and they are available in hundreds of customized, unique styles.

Unique, Personalized Pen Designs

Pen choices include:

  • Lanyards: Perfect for the person who is always losing her writing implement, this style can be hung around the neck or tied to a notebook or key ring. Some lanyard pens come with detachable cords as well.
  • Bubble wands: To make writing more fun, these pens come with a tiny wand and barrel full of non-toxic bubble solution. Some bubble designs also come with matching attached lanyards.
  • Lighted barrels: These personalized art-deco pens have built-in LED lights that can double as small flashlights in a pinch.
  • Carabiners: These writing instruments are designed with attached clips, so users have a handy way to keep track of them.
  • Zero-gravity styles: Designed to be used on space missions, these pens have pressurized ink cartridges, so they can write while turned upside down.

Consumers looking for more than just an ordinary promotional pen style will find hundreds of unique options at PENSRUS. PENSRUS writing instruments can be personalized with colored logos, website URLs, wedding or anniversary dates and detailed contact information. Popular for being lightweight, portable and functional, personalized ink pens are effective marketing tools or party favors for any occasion. PENSRUS provides secure online ordering and guarantees the quality of all of its promotional products. Operators are standing by at 1-800-PENSRUS during business hours or can be reached by email at