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Luckily for small businesses and corporations, plastic pens can be custom-imprinted with logos for a very slight investment. Find out what so many PENSRUS customers know: that pen-in-hand advertising works and keeps on working. Company supply managers return to PENSRUS on a regular basis to replenish their supplies of personalized ballpoint, rollerball or simple, stick-style plastic pens. These pens come in handy all the time, in and out of the office.

Start with your basic plastic stick, a non-refillable ink pen that is short on cost but long on visibility. PENSRUS will imprint up to 5 lines on certain models, in an array of flashy colors, with or without your reproduced company logo. Move up to plastic click or twist action retractable pens for a few cents more, and get a little more mileage out of your advertising dollar.

Get Into the Novelty of Custom Plastic Pens

For a memorable prize or giveaway, order plastic pens with interesting shapes or features. Browse the PENSRUS online gallery for nifty triangular pens, like the Bic Tri Stic, or foldout pens, such as the PENSRUS Crouching Tiger. You'll find lots more novelties among the web pages, including lanyard pens, key chain pens, and all-in-one pens, such as the Papermate PHD. You'll discover items to please the everyday customer and the discerning CEO.

PENSRUS unit prices include imprinting, logo screening and set-up fees on most orders. Buy pens by the piece, the hundreds or the thousands, depending on the model you select. Save with quantity pricing! Call or email 1.800.PENSRUS or info@pensrus.com today.


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