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If you're looking for a creative new way of advertising your company's products, consider ordering promotional pens to hand out to potential customers. You can reach a wide audience with this sensible gift without breaking the bank. Promotional pens have proven to be successful when advertising everything from grand openings to annual sales and everyday business.

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Using a household tool to make your business name a household word is just good sense. Whether they're at home or on the go, people will literally have your contact information in their hands. Maybe they'll be using it to write a check to your business tomorrow! First, though, you have to find a reputable place to purchase your pens.

PENSRUS Takes The Guesswork out of Buying Promotional Advertising Pens
Before choosing the place to buy your promotional pens, there are a few items to consider. Perhaps you only like to buy products made in America, or maybe you like the convenience of shopping online but would prefer to speak with someone in person when placing your order. Maybe you want to browse several brands and compare prices before settling on a product. The good news is there is a company that meets all these provisions and much more.

PENSRUS offers quality pens and other advertising and promotional tools in a wide range of styles, prices and brands. The user-friendly website,, makes it easy to find the pens you're looking for. In addition, a simple form allows you to enter the promotional information you want printed on your pens, ensuring there are no errors. PENSRUS's toll-free number is 1-800-PENSRUS and you can also contact PENSRUS's team by fax at 1-866-PENSRUS.



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