Promotional Light Up Pens

Promotional light-up pens make unique gift ideas for clients and employees and offer a novel way to deviate from more standard, retractable styles. Light-up gel tips, ballpoints and roller balls illuminate any message with LED technology, and many styles have replaceable batteries. LED lights are brighter and whiter than regular bulbs and last through more uses.

While light-up pens used to be costly, their overwhelming popularity as promotional products and the developing technology have led them to become cost-friendly, desirable advertising vehicles. Ranging from around $1.50 to several dollars each, these novelty items are even affordable for small businesses and non-profits when purchased in bulk. Recipients appreciate light-up writing instruments because they can use them in dim environments, like airplanes, conferences and slide presentations, for both note taking and personal use.

Illuminated pens are available in single colors and strobing styles, utilizing their glow to draw attention to a company's marketing imprint, including its website URL, contact information and inspirational slogan. For both small and large organizations, pens that glow draw more attention to the company they advertise.

PENSRUS Sells Promotional BIC Light-up Pens in Retractable Ballpoint Styles

Capitalizing on the popularity of illuminated promotional products, PENSRUS carries a variety of pens with light-up barrels, caps and message windows. Most bulk pricing includes laser engraving or imprinting, and companies receive discount pricing for bulk orders. PENSRUS sells hundreds of other promotional items as well, such as BIC and Paper Mate pens and pencils, flashlights, magnets and apparel. All of the company's merchandise can be personalized with a logo, slogan or contact information when marketers call 1-800-PENSRUS. Qualified sales specialists are also available via email.