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PENSRUS offers a wide and diverse array of promotional pens. The sheer quantity of models available ensures that you'll find a pen to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a playful ballpoint to share with your employees or a distinguished fountain to bestow upon your most treasured clients, turn to PENSRUS for the selection you need.

Choose PENSRUS and you'll find that a host of price points are available. If you're looking for promotional pens that are inexpensively priced, know that PENSRUS has a significant quantity of the models available for you to choose from. An example is the Bic Clic Stick. Available with black, blue or red ink, this pleasant-looking pen can be yours for next to nothing. Best of all, you can order it right on the PENSRUS website.

Promotional Pens: Quantity Purchases That Can Save You Money

A fair quantity of the pens in the PENSRUS lineup cater to those with expensive tastes. If price is no object, take a look at the Waterman Expert Fountain Pen. This promotional pen is as deluxe as it gets, with a finely lacquered barrel and double rings gilded in 23-karat gold or chrome plate.

The bigger the quantity purchased, the bigger the savings--PENSRUS offers discounted prices for those buying in large numbers. All orders placed are shipped the following business day. Learn more by contacting PENSRUS via phone at 1-800-PENSRUS, or via fax at 1-866-PENSRUS. Enjoy a first-class assortment of promotional pens by contacting PENSRUS today!


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