Promotional Products Online

Buying promotional products online is a simple process, but selecting from the variety of products may not be as simple. Promo products give businesses the opportunity to showcase their names, logos, contact information and personalized messages, so it is important to select items that are novel, useful and durable.

Creative Promotional Products

  • Playing cards: Games like poker have become increasingly popular due to the rise of online and televised competitions. Each time a card game is hosted, people are exposed to a company's brand.
  • Electronic Sudoku: Useful for traveling clients or number lovers, Sudoku is a fun way to thank people for their business.
  • Sports items: Frisbees, pedometers, binoculars and fold-up chairs are useful for family outings and camping trips.
  • Personal amenities: Coffee tins, imprinted lip balms, massagers and stress balls add a personal touch to promotional giveaways and will be incorporated into the everyday life of clients.

People are barraged with logos, slogans and jingles on a daily basis, and businesses need to capitalize on their opportunities to increase brand awareness through the use of economical, tangible tokens of appreciation. Paper advertisements are easily thrown away, but promotional merchandise tends to have a lengthy shelf life.

PENSRUS Sells Promotional Products, BIC Pens and Imprinted Pencils Online

PENSRUS is a leading online supplier of inexpensive and luxury promotional items, including BIC pens, key rings, carabiners, flashlights and sporting goods products. Businesses can impress their loyal customers with engraved clocks, fine writing instruments and travel accessories proudly bearing the company logo, website and business message. PENSRUS also provides customers with a secure online ordering process. Call 1-800-PENSRUS for toll-free inquiries, or email a sales rep today for more information.