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Pens are excellent promotional products, but one way to really make them pop is to exercise a bit of creativity as you make your selections. Appearances count in all areas of life, and that truism certainly applies to promotional products. Get pens with a look that matches the tone you'd like to set as you market your business, and the end result can be quite magical.

One approach is to choose novelty pens. Novelty items are popular promotional products for a reason--they're conversation pieces, and people tend to remember them. PENSRUS offers a host of novelty-style pens for you to choose from. One example is the unique Multi-Light Pen BD86. This battery-powered pen literally lights up the room, flashing any one of seven colors, or flashing all seven colors simultaneously.

Promotional Products: Pens Are Tiny Ambassadors

If your company has a high-end image, you might want to choose promotional products from the PENSRUS Originals Collection. Both the Executive Rosewood Set and the European Rosewood Set are excellent choices. Redolent of swank sophistication, these pens give you a chance to send a message about your company that will no doubt hit a high note with your clients.

To learn more, send a fax to PENSRUS at 1-866-PENSRUS, or pick up the phone and call 1-800-PENSRUS. Remember, promotional pens are tiny ambassadors on a mission to help your business stand apart from the rest. Choose the right pens, and that mission will be a success!


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