Promotional Products Suppliers

Choosing from hundreds of promotional product suppliers can be a daunting task. It's important, however, to take the time to find a reliable company that will safely and promptly deliver corporate merchandise.

Selecting a Promotional Products Supplier

Marketers and business owners should look for a promotional supplier who is a proven industry player with competitive pricing. In addition, it is best to choose personalized corporate items from a company that offers warranties, guarantees and post-order support. In the event that merchandise is printed incorrectly or the wrong products are received, business owners should be confident that their supplier will quickly rectify the problem.

Another important quality in a corporate merchandise supplier is product variety. While pens, pencils and other writing implements are effective marketing tools, there are circumstances in which other customized products are more appropriate. Apparel, hats and laptop bags work well for employee incentives while engraved clocks, watches and luxury fountain pens are appropriate for employee retirements and anniversaries. When a supplier provides a wide selection of promotional items, businesses can pick and choose from items that best serve their marketing needs.

Finally, it is critical that promo suppliers have product specialists available to answer custom order questions, make product recommendations and field other concerns. PENSRUS is a reliable, quality supplier of imprinted writing implements and a variety of corporate gifts for every occasion. Whether a business is in need of luxury pen and pencil sets or inexpensive key rings and magnets, PENSRUS guarantees its product quality and customer support. Service representatives can be reached by email or at 1-800-PENSRUS.