Promotional Products Trade Shows

Some studies indicate that giving away promotional products at trade shows can increase booth traffic by 50 percent or more while helping to create brand recall after the show is over. Companies must find a way to fight through the distractions of competing booths and staged events in order to draw in customers effectively.

The most important thing to remember when selecting trade show freebies is to choose functional, practical items that consumers will use in their homes or offices. The more the items are used, the more a company benefits from the free advertising. Items like pens, mechanical pencils, key knives, highlighters and luggage tags are all products that most people will find useful.

Marketers should ask themselves the following questions before purchasing promotional products for a trade show or exhibition:

  • Do the giveaways mesh with the company's marketing budget? Is there a wholesale discount for purchasing items in bulk?
  • Is the imprinting area sufficient for conveying the promotional logo, message and contact information?
  • Do the items stand out from other trade show giveaways?
  • Are the items tastefully designed? Do they complement the company's image?
  • Will the shipment arrive in time for the scheduled show?

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