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Lots of companies take advantage of the advertising power of personalized retractable ballpoint pens. PENSRUS satisfies every personality and every need with their huge selection of stick and click, ballpoint and rollerball pens. Brand them with your company name and image, and you've got instant recognition, along with long-lasting promotional power. Company logo pens also take the guesswork out of who took the pens when they migrate.

Pens can make great calling cards and giveaways, as well as everyday office tools and meaningful gifts. Personalize a quantity of pens to use:

  • For customer convenience in filling out forms
  • For signatures required on receipts and invoices
  • For attaching ballpoints to sign-up sheets and suggestion boxes
  • For workshops, seminars and meetings
  • For trade show perks, retractable pens stay clean

Retractable Ballpoint Pens Customized at PENSRUS

PENSRUS has the most generous range of services in the personalized pen business. They know how important color can be to attention-getting advertising and company recognition. Encounter personal choices as you make your order, selecting pen body, cap and trim color, point size and ink type. Use more color or go with basic black or white for your imprinting, or pay a little extra for just the right shade of custom color that you associate with your business, campaign or décor.

Browse the PENSRUS selection of retractable ballpoint and other styles from Bic, Pentel, Papermate, Waterman and other heavy hitters. Be nice to your budget with the PENSRUS Expressions collection. Order today, or call 1.800.PENSRUS or email info@pensrus.com for more information.


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